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Demographics of social commerce

Reading Time: < 1 minute Given the amount of press releases I receive about coupon sites for the past few months. I thought there would be an interest amongst the PR community in some work that Experian has done highlighting demographic clusters and their social commerce preferences. This should be handy insight for the few pitches that are currently going […]

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PR’s demographic timebomb

Reading Time: 3 minutes My colleague Emma Sinden blogged about the way that the PR industry is losing women who want to start families, which got me thinking about where the future of the PR industry is likely to come from. The problem isn’t only about women leaving the industry, however I’d recommend that you read Emma’s post to […]

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Intent is the new demographic

Reading Time: < 1 minute I presented earlier at Social Media in Business (SMiB). Here is a link to the slides on Slideshare. If you want to know more feel free to drop me a line.