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Dark stores and coercive diplomacy

Reading Time: 3 minutes I came across a couple of interesting terms recently: dark stores and coercive diplomacy. Dark stores Gartner for Marketing (formerly L2 Inc.) were talking about a new development at Amazon’s Whole Foods subsidiary. It was what Gartner called digital dark stores. The first one has been established in Industry City to serve much of Brooklyn,… Continue reading Dark stores and coercive diplomacy

Machines for emoting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Machines for emoting Machines for emoting, is the problem of our internet in the palm of our hands? Over the past few years the sentiment towards the internet has changed dramatically. Before the internet Going back to the 1960s, my parents told me about the ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’ signs. These were found… Continue reading Machines for emoting

New MacBook Pro – some thoughts

Reading Time: 4 minutes My old MacBook Pro, which had seen me through a lot of work had been starting to show its age, so I changed it out for a new model. The process has been challenging at times so I thought that I would write about the good, the bad and the weird parts of this experience.… Continue reading New MacBook Pro – some thoughts