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Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nokia N950 origins The Nokia N950 was designed at a weird time. Nokia’s position as the premier smartphone maker was under siege from Android and iPhone after seeing off the Palm OS and numerous iterations of Windows Phone. Nokia had missed the boat on devices with capacitive touch displays. It was using a smartphone operating… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

The New Nokia

Reading Time: 4 minutes The New Nokia can rise from the ashes of the old. Microsoft finally let go of its licence for the Nokia brand license on May 19, 2016. There is a lot of logic to this move: Microsoft has already written down the full value of the business acquisition It has got the most valuable technical… Continue reading The New Nokia

Nokia N900

Reading Time: 3 minutes This throwback gadget the Nokia N900 comes from before Nokia decided to go with Windows Mobile as its smartphone operating system. It had started to develop Maemo as a successor operating system to Symbian Series 60. Meamo was a Linux kernel based mobile operating system which owed its heritage to the Debian Linux distribution. The… Continue reading Nokia N900