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Vindigo blue

Reading Time: 2 minutes I noticed in news coverage this evening that Vindigo had closed up shop. I first ran into Vindigo when the agency that I worked for launched their London guide. The software ran on Palm PDAs in glorious monochrome. At the time we were Palm’s EMEA agency of record, so were speaking to all the right… Continue reading Vindigo blue

1999 eclipse

Reading Time: 4 minutes The 1999 eclipse, also called millennium eclipse as it would be the last total solar eclipse of the 2oth century popped up recently on the BBC. For me it was a big online event. Eclipses don’t happen often. The last one in the UK had been some 72 years earlier. I was working in an… Continue reading 1999 eclipse

Throwback gadget: Palm Vx

Reading Time: 5 minutes When I started agency life I still had a trusty Filofax that had my contacts I had built up from DJing, working in the oil industry and being in college written in barely legible text on address sheets or plastic sheets stuffed with business cards. It had a reassuring heft to it like it contained… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Palm Vx