Living with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Reading Time: 5 minutes iPhone 12 Pro Max transition I moved to an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max from an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. That’s an important  factor to bear in mind when one sees phone comparisons. Secondly, I don’t earn my living doing phone reviews, so my reactions are likely to be less dramatic than a professional… Continue reading Living with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

I like: Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar is an accessory that allows you to charge and listen via headphones to a modern iPhone at the same time. Apple’s move to the Lightning connector leaves a lot to be desired; but you have to work with what you have. It has come in handy listening to voice… Continue reading I like: Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar

Mac software recommendations

Reading Time: 7 minutes Why a list of Mac software recommendations and why me? I have been using Macs since my early cough, cough – ok let’s just say a long time. I bought my first Macs secondhand. The first one was a sit-up-and beg style Macintosh SE. This is in what nerds now call the Mac Classic style… Continue reading Mac software recommendations