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Marketing, president, apocalypse – the good, bad and the ugly

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Marketing, president apocalypse – what’s going on Ged? Years ago I used to write a periodic section on this blog: Good, Bad and the Ugly. I have been doing ongoing maintenance of this blog in the background and was inspired to bring this back after visiting old posts. This time I looked at marketing, president, […]

Prejudice & other things that caught my eye this week

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Reading Time: 2 minutes The problem with pattern matching or prejudice by another name. Prejudice is a hot button topic in society. Racial prejudice, ageism, systemic racism. Embedding prejudice into technology through pattern matching will be the new frontier for social justice campaigns. Singaporean telecoms firm SingTel does adverts that focus on traditional family roles and often run into […]

Gartner Predicts 2020

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Gartner’s ‘Predicts 2020’ report has started to get pick-up across the marketing media. The reports top-line predictions of most interest to me in the report are: By 2022, 25% of marketing departments will have a dedicated behavioural scientist or ethnographer as part of their full-time staff By 2023, CMO budget allocation on influencer marketing will […]