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IT Facts

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Yiying Lu – the creator of Twitter’s failwhale illustration to show when the service infrastructure is overloaded

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Jargon Watch: Metabo

Metabo is shorthand for metabolic syndrome, a polite way of describing middle age spread. Under newly passed government rules, everyone from 40 to 74 must have a medical check up that measures their waist and if they exceed 85cm for men or 90cm for women they will be assigned a nutritionist who will give recommendations on diet and exercise. There is also potential financial penalties for companies who don’t reduce employee obesity. Thanks to Peter Payne and the crew at J-Box.

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My M&M’s® – Get Your Favorite Faces on Your Favorite Candy – Upload a Picture and Message – I love this thanks to Mecca at Moo for the heads up

Sorry, — I Still Don’t Think You’re Focused On Core Search

Oprah Time: Convergence: Where new and old media collide by Henry Jenkins

In his book Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide MIT boffin Henry Jenkins takes us on a journey through modern culture, past the must-see television series and social networks to fan fiction, comics and internet forums. Great media properties like 24, Star Wars and the Matrix properties told told stories in a complex manner through various media. Consumers of the media got out of the property what they put in.

Jenkins then  takes his book beyond the most byzantine storytelling to point out that it is as much about discovery rather than telling the story. It moves from media to experience and relies on the media property staying ahead of large groups of people who use online tools to collaborate on this discovery process with each other.

From a marketing perspective, planning rather than story creation is going to be the dominant element as brands look to architect their own experience for consumers to discover.

Links of the day

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