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Jeremy Zawodny

Leaving Yahoo! (by Jeremy Zawodny) – this is big, as Jeremy bleeds purple. Jeremy Zawodny is to Yahoo! what Matt Cutts would be to Google. Jeremy was active in the MySQL community. The Jeremy Zawodny blog one has helped build relationships for Yahoo! in the developer community and attract potential employees to the company. The departure of Jeremy Zawodny hints at not everything being ok in the big Y!.

Consumer behaviour

How We Carry Our Mobile Phones | PSFK – Trends, Ideas & Inspiration

ippr – Behind the Screen: The hidden life of youth online

Google lets users measure the power of words – By Eric Auchard SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Number-crunchers can rejoice as Google Inc offers deeper access to the underlying figures for users’ Web searches, giving some insight into trends based on the relative popularity of various words.


Baskets / Fruit bowls / Centrepieces – Girotondo, Fruit Holder Alessi – wishlist item

Yiying Lu – the creator of Twitter’s failwhale illustration to show when the service infrastructure is overloaded


Digital Evangelist: More bad news for Mobile Services – interesting piece on mobile banking


How to protect your online reputation | Article | Homepage articles

Lufthansa – podcast series with travel tips

PR Squared: A Radical Suggestion for the Social Media Release – I’m not sure about this one

Strong Pound Tips – eBay produced guide to getting the most from their service


Google quickly, quietly becomes PC to TV bridge builder » VentureBeat

Techdirt: CDs Have Another Thing To Fear: Vinyl? – the long march of vinyl back to dominance, listeners of the world throw off your digital shackles


Traffic map by the guys at Capital Radio – Many of the people who created this are former Yahoos

Fleishman-Hillard Digital Influence Index 2008


Communities Dominate Brands: The country with largest social networking migration is not South Korea or Japan or Scandinavia, it is the Philippines – Asian countries show us the way. More related content here.


Minamoto Kitchoan Home Page – amazing Japanese sweets in Piccadilly


Survey Says 8 in 10 Businesses Now Use Macs – Switched

Edelman Digital – Orkut doesn’t seem so funny anymore

Microsoft to buy semantic search engine Powerset for $100M plus

Community news – Ubuntu Eee – fast optimised Ubuntu install for the Asus eeePC now available

Web of no web

Real racing in a virtual world: a new gaming format


Digital Evangelist: Some quick thoughts

TG4 Online – Irish TV station with an equivalent service to the iPlayer