Paul Oakenfold on TechCrunch

Interesting interview with Paul Oakenfold and TechCrunch, its a weird combination I know but bear with it: I am not sure if this player will work in all countries and all devices let me know if it doesn’t and where you are.

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‘Gangnam Style’ Viral Popularity in U.S. Has Koreans Puzzled, Gratified – Speakeasy – WSJ – interesting take nvPY Is a Fast, Free, Syncing Note-Taking App for Windows, Mac, and Linux Harvard creates cyborg flesh that’s half man, half machine | ExtremeTech Starbucks Wants to Turn Its Coffee and Old Baked Goods Into Laundry Detergent materials […]

Artifact on the dawn of the web

I was watching this MTV clip from 1995, which was roughly when I first started using the web. I’d had access to email earlier during my time working for Corning prior to attending university. MTV programming at the time felt radical because of it’s editing style which was considered to move at break neck speed, […]

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Apple’s Tim Cook Adds Engineering VPs to Executive Management Team; Mansfield to Stay – AllThingsD – interesting that Bob Mansfield has been hauled out of retirement after two months Public Lab DIY Spectrometry Kit by Jeffrey Yoo Warren — Kickstarter Silicon Valley’s Hardware Renaissance – Groklaw – Jury in Apple v. Samsung Goofed, Damages […]

The Japanese Mon

I was reminded about the Japanese Mon when I came across this manhole cover design. A Mon is a symbol usually based on a some sort of natural form with various degrees of abstraction to make it a simple easily replicable shape. It was used in fabric prints as a uniform to show a family […]