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Why support this blog? You don’t have to support this blog. There is no Patreon or PayPal Me account. This blog has never been ad-funded or featured sponsored content. This has allowed it to develop in a freeform organic way and follow my interests. Ad-funded or sponsored content commercial relationships aren’t anything that I have found worthwhile. I’d be concerned that it might affect what I am trying to do here.

That being said if you find this of value / want to say thanks; here are the different ways that you can support this blog:

  1. Subscribe to this blog via RSS to keep up to date with the latest posts. More on what is RSS and how to use it here. Being a regular reader is the first thing that you can do. As a side benefit, once you get the RSS habit it will change your online life in a positive way and your email inbox would thank you for it – if it had a voice and was a sentient being… Secondly, by subscribing to other quality sites via RSS you can help read more widely online and avoid algorithmic filter bubbles from social
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  3. Engage me for your public event as a speaker / brand planning project work. That’s how I pay my bills, including the hosting costs for this site.
  4. Go and set yourself a Trading 212 account and you can get the both of us free share while you’re at it here. And if you’re looking for a credit card, consider Amex and we both might get some points.
  5. If you want to express yourself in material ways, I’ve got an Amazon US wishlist and an Amazon UK wishlist. But only do this if you’ve done 1 – 2 at least. Otherwise I’ll feel guilty that you’re not getting the most out of the posts here.