Ged Carroll

Work with Ged Carroll for strategic expertise

If you want to work with Ged Carroll; the first thing you’ll need is proof of what I can do. Here are my basic credentials, with contact details at the back. You can download your own copy with additional information and embedded video content┬áhere.

Ged Carroll – work history

I started off my agency career in communications. I have worked with  agencies, helping them develop successful new business pitches.

I have worked on brand marketing for a number of brands including:

I’ve done this work in the UK and Hong Kong. I focused on how brands present themselves through different channels from television adverts, cinema adverts, Grindr ads, OOH, events, websites, Chinese and western social media networks.

As part of this process I developed teams and talent to do the work. These team members have gone on to hold senior roles at Accenture, the BBC, Edelman, Kantar, McCann-Erickson, Ogilvy, ExpressVPN and Uber. Together we won work from start-up and well known brands.

Work with Ged Carroll – getting in touch

I currently work as a strategy director and have done this for a number of creative and advertising agencies in London and Hong Kong. I currently work remotely for New York creative agency. 

From a professional point of view you can find my profile on YunoJuno and LinkedIn; get my email from Spamty to drop me a line.

Everything else

For insights on things strategy and planning related, feel free to follow my blog. I blog on things that interest and inspire me. Brand planning, media of all types, consumer behaviour, design, culture and technology. Not only in the UK, but in the US and East Asia. I also keep an eye on a few vertical markets: technology, luxury, FMCG / CPG and beauty being the four most highly featured on this site.