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How to keep in touch:

1/ Work related? Contact details are here. This will also work for public speaking invitations.

2/ You can follow this blog and related content on Twitter
. Twitter makes it relatively easy for me to publish updates. Some of the stuff that goes up there may or may not make it into the blog. Most blog posts are linked to on Twitter, but not all of them. It really depends on what is likely to work best on Twitter that is ephemeral in nature.

3/ You can subscribe to posts via RSS. This is the option that I would most recommend; if RSS is a mystery to you. I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use it here. Simply put RSS brings the web to you. Many people didn't realise they were using it back when they were using Google Reader. Google Reader may have died, but RSS as a method of keeping in touch with a website certainly hasn't. If you see sites with links to news on a side bar, that's like to be RSS or a close relative of it.

Beyond that there isn't much else that you can do to keep in touch with this blog. I am even questioning whether the blog should be on Twitter any longer, given the decline in social discourse. I turned off comments as they were weren't being used by real commenters, only bots advertising porn sites and online casinos. I include crypto currency related promotions in that definition of online casinos.