Steven Segal in good movie shocker

OK, I lied its actually a 30-second spot for hyper-hyper drink Mountain Dew, but really well done.Segal had the good sense to poke fun at himself in the clip, and the cojones to be seen in a US advert rather than all those scaredy-cats featured over on The comedic action sequences are really well […]

That was 2005

January Bez won Celebrity Big Brother, London creative team Lee and Dan made an Al Qeada inspired calling card for Volkswagen that managed to leak out on to the web. Analysts at Credit Suisse First Boston won the monthly award for stating the bleeding obvious. We did a bit of homegrown analysis with the help […]

Columnist on the couch

David Pogue, tech author, mac guru and journalist for the New York Times was sent an essay by a high school student that analysed his writing style by looking at his newspaper columns. Pogues commentary on the findings in the Circuits email newsletter (December 29, 2005) has some useful lessons for PR people looking […]

Plane speaking on good manners

At one time air travel was the height of sophistication, now it’s another piece of public transport. With this decline in perception has come a corresponding decline in good manners amongst passengers. Thankfully the folks at WWNK (What We Now Know) email newsletter has come with some air travel ettiquette tips in time for the […]


Bloomberg has a report on how politically-minded New York district attorney Eliot ‘The Enforcer’ Spitzer is investigating anti-trust behaviour by the major record companies surrounding price fixing of digital music. The news came out after a subpeona was served on Warners Music. In the todays climate this may be hard to prove, which is why […]