Oprah Time: The Strength of the Wolf by Douglas Valentine

I chose The Strength of the Wolf as I needed a good paperback to read as I travelled back to Liverpool. It seemed strangely appropriate that I read a book about narcotics travelling there; given that Liverpool’s recent history and cultural renaissance has been intertwined with its association as the UK’s narcotic equivalent of the […]

Big in Japan

Why do the Japanese get all the coolest stuff?As part of a collaboration with Italian designer Neroli, Stussy have released a Stussy-branded messenger bag made by Porter. Porter are the luggage manufacturer of choice for Tyler Brule so its damn cool whichever way that you come at it. More in Japanese here.

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Family Music – interesting new service SEO for SMEs

Feels like Siberia

hotspot” height=”337″ width=”500″> I have come home to Birkenhead just across the Mersey from Liverpool. I have found it hard to find a decent cup of coffee and a wi–fi hotspot. In fact I have had to go down the M53 to find a Starbucks at a large retail park in Ellesmere Port.Connectivity is 5GBP […]

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Kevin Rose Admitting Digg Has Moderators – how very web 1.0 of them, but hopefully it will keep out the spammers and the marketers who don’t pay much attention to the communities that they seek to influence.Newsnight goes UGC cuisineazine