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I like: Kin logo

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Whilst I won’t be dashing out and getting myself one of the Microsoft | Sharp Kin phones. I did like the Kin logo. The logo seems to be completely unrelated to the devices.

Microsoft Kin logo

There is a noticeable stylistic similarity to the S|Double Studio logo from Shawn Stussy‘s new clothing label.


And the S|Double logo reminds me of Asian seal designs used to sign documents and mark the ownership of artworks.


This is roughly what my given name would look like on a seal in Chinese characters.

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What would Apple sound like?

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Reading Steve Jobs rationale for why Apple’s mobile devices don’t support Adobe Flash I was reminded of the tone-of-voice of Apple’s usual communications. They are about as sincere as the greeting you get when enter a Disney store, you feel like you are being played. If ever there was an example of the Cluetrain Manifesto truism of public relations does not relate to the public Apple’s PR team would be it.

They don’t even show much grace under fire.  I discussed it with a colleague and thought that they may be shooting low in order to make the Steve Jobs key note look better. But I am not sure that is the case. They lack quality, specifically a human element and a thoughtfulness to their tone-of-voice that runs through their products and services, its like they are written by Microsoft technical support.

  • Does Apple need to write press releases in the rigid format for product launches and enhancements in the usual cookie cutter press release style? No, because they are likely to be covered anyway.
  • Would additional smarts in communications be wasted? No, on the contrary it would further enhance their reputation.

I am not talking about more disclosures or inclusive approach to communications, but a human, smarter, measured and analytical approach and voice.

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HP | Palm deal thoughts

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That HP rode in as a white knight took me a little bit by surprise. I tuned into the conference call to find out more about the deal. I have bullet-pointed out my thoughts below:

  • Is HP executive Todd Bradley the right person for the deal? He was CEO of the company in the early noughties when it should have been sorting out its OS issues, the Palm OS looked tired even back then
  • Is HP overpaying for the company? There isn’t that many people interested in Palm and analysts had set a target share price of zero. Is this price as much about emotion as assets?
  • Why is the Palm WebOS going to live up to HP’s faith in it?
  • Much was made of Palm’s cloud services technology in the webcast, but how many extra servers or services will it actually sell for HP?
  • SKUs. I was alarmed at the amount of proposed device variants HP was envisaging in the future on the call with possible support in differing form-factors for Micrsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Android and WebOS in personal devices. Add into this memory or colour variants and you are looking at product range bloat similar to Sony consumer electronics range