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Mood Swing Rebrand – World Creative Studio – interesting take on MTV’s rebrand in terms of approach to the communications challenge

An Ad Executive Often in the Vanguard Peers Into the Future – The New York Times  – The one thing that’s kind of disturbing about all of this to me and potentially The New York Times is: Are we moving into a world where the dominant platforms of media consumption are basically getting close to a point where they’re blacklisting the monetization of news? It seems that there is no huge demand in Google’s program commissioning to commission news. I don’t see there’s a big appetite for Facebook saying, “We would like 20 news organizations to provide news bulletin programming for Facebook Watch.” We know there are dozens and dozens of news organizations around the world, or at least a dozen or two that include The Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, the BBC and so on, who are, for the most part, the keepers of truth in news and the people who keep the public informed. And it seems odd to me that if you have aspirations to take up a very significant part of the media consumption time of the public that you do not have an overt policy for the dissemination of news – actually its not odd at all if you look at consumer research about media

Microsoft partners Publicis Groupe to develop Marcel platform | Marketing Interactive – will build and connect Marcel to its deep technology and AI capabilities, leveraging Microsoft Azure AI and Office 365

Can This Brooklyn Entrepreneur Reinvent Public Relations? | Forbes – I am skeptical but interesting hypothesis PR disruption through SaaS

Investing in Indonesia | Google Blog – getting a stake on Go-Jek

7-Eleven Grabs A Cup Of The Coffee Market – YouTube – interesting how 7-Eleven is going after McDonalds

Citizen Considers Broadening Appeal With $18,000 Watches – Bloomberg – interesting how wearables isn’t something that they care about that much

When A Small Leak Sinks A Great Ship: Deanonymizing Tor Hidden Service Users Through Bitcoin Transactions Analysis – by Al Jawaheri, Al Sabah, Boshmaf & Erbad (Qatar University) (PDF)

HNA ditches vanity purchases for Silk Road commodity deals to vie for Beijing’s support  | South China Morning Post – interesting bits here. Massive change in M&A strategy to align with government – but it makes me wonder how they are going to service a lot of their debt?

Intel Warned Chinese Companies of Chip Flaws Before U.S. Government – WSJ – so basically Intel betrayed the US, Russia and most western governments, almost all its client base in the server market. It is a pity that Oracle and its SPARC business aren’t in a position to take full advantage of it, but Qualcomm might

Why Americans see Buddhism as a philosophy rather than a religion — Quartz  – Suzuki regarded Kerouac as a “monstrous imposter” because he sought only the freedom of Buddhist awakening without the discipline of practice

General and Surprising – Pul Graham – The most valuable insights are both general and surprising. F = ma for example. But general and surprising is a hard combination to achieve. That territory tends to be picked clean, precisely because those insights are so valuable.

Cheap as hips: why Malaysia is the best place for Chinese to retire | South China Morning Post – interesting article, but what about the socio political aspects of living in Malaysia? Malaysian interpretation of Islam is moving closer to that practiced in the Gulf. This is exasperating the discrimination against Chinese and South Asian ethic origin Malaysians such that the country is suffering a brain drain

Shanghai wants you … but can it really be as attractive to foreigners as Hong Kong? | South China Morning Post – Shanghai isn’t comfortable or attractive, Shenzhen might have more chance if it took on Hong Kong laws and systems

The Follower Factory – The New York Times – this isn’t news

Hedonism 1988 – amazing read by Phil Cheesman via our Matt

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Oprah Time: Dark Satanic Mills by Marcus and Julian Sedgwick

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dark satanic mills

Dark Satanic Mills immediately looked like the kind of graphic novel that I would like. I grew up with British dystopian science fiction with a fascistic bent. From the numerous franchises within 2000AD magazine to Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta.

The tone of these stories was set by a UK dealing with:

  • Decolonisation and trying to work out its place in the world
  • Economic chaos due to inflation, a shrinking manufacturing base and globalisation
  • A battle of elites against working people
  • The rise of right wing populist nationalism a la Britain First
  • The rise of racism 

It sounds rather similar doesn’t it?

The Sedgwick brothers Dark Satanic Mills fits right into this very British genre of graphic novels. The illustration style is similar to the stark black and white kinetic styles of 2000AD or Moore’s From Hell. It should be of now surprise that the jacket copy was written by Pat Mills of 2000AD. It almost felt like the baton was being passed on to the next generation.

The book has a premise that is similar to the body of work in 2000AD. It taps into Moore, channeling not only V for Vendetta, but also his love of mysticism.

William Blake’s Jerusalem and The Bible fit into a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Blake fits the bill perfectly: his association with the English identity often misused by ‘patriots’, his innate distrust in systems and of organised religion make his words the ideal foil.

The heroine Charlie is a dispatch rider who ends up in possession of a manuscript that will expose the populist government and the religious zealots it uses as a paramilitary force.

The religious zealots called the Soldiers of Truth are a chimera of Britain First and the droogs in Kubrick’s film adaption of A Clockwork Orange.

Charley ricochets around an England where rational thought, tolerance, logical analysis and experts are enemies of the state. It echoes Michael Gove‘s

“I think people in this country, have had enough of experts.”

Without giving too much more away, the story finishes in an ambigious way leaving Charley and the authorities open to a future largely unwritten. Again the ambiguity of a post-Brexit future is an obvious analogy. The fact that Dark Satanic Mills was published in 2013 makes it feel curiously prescient: a parable for our times.


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Virtual sex gets more real with RealDolls, live models – CNET – it isn’t the moral issues of this that bother me but encouraging people to further divorce from real human connections. They are already cocooned in their smartphones

Inside King Power, Thailand’s Largest Duty-Free Chain | Jing Daily – great example as integrated retailing from department store sized duty free shops to WeChat commerce

Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes : Health and Medicine Division, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine – interesting read, I wonder what the implications will be for big pharma versus big tobacco in terms of wrestling control of vaping