Mr. Pizza in Korea

Pizza in Korea is a unique experience compared to other countries: Packaging – unlike the UK or most other countries I have been to for that matter, pizza can come in a four-colour patterned box. Part of the reason for this is cultural, Korea like Japan puts a lot of emphasis on presentation of products […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Little Printer | BERG Cloud – getting buzz all over the creative London web at the moment WebOS app development chief flees to Xobni — Tech News and Analysis Netmums launches site for ‘the woman behind the mum’ | New Media Age – dealing with mum’s multiple identities Louis Vuitton Launches First Hong Kong/Macau City […]

Jargon watch: CSNS (computer says no syndrome) | 电脑说没有综合征

I was wondering along with some of my colleagues to a meeting and we got to talking about customer service and one of my colleagues told the following story: A friend of theirs was out on the tiles and tried to withdraw cash. Unfortunately the teller machine wouldn’t allow them to access their account. They […]

Interesting debate at PARC on crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing has moved from a marketing gimmick to a business model for the likes of Threadlesss and Starbucks. Crowdsourcing CEO & Expert Panel: From Phenomenon to Business Model [PARC Forum] The video is hosted on Slideshare, so may not be available to all readers of this blog.    

I like: Legion table

When I first saw this table it was a ‘duh’ why didn’t someone else think of this earlier. Legion is a cleaned-up crate with four industrial trolley wheels each with an individual brake on it. Fair play to for coming up this coffee table.