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I like: Daybreak

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Daybreak is an interesting piece of branded content that was put together by BBDO for US mobile operator AT&T to promote their new smartphone range and network services over the summer.
Daybreak's Jack Box app
A clever use of web episodes, a plot that weaves in science and new age theories and an application that tries to involve the audience in the storyline. It was a smart way of engaging with a young gadget buying demographic.

It harks back to two earlier parts of media history:

  • Branded content was a staple of commercial radio, particularly in the US during the early 20th century, it is why we call the likes of Coronation Street and Eastenders ‘soap operas’
  • The multi-channel storytelling across video, applications and third party websites harks back at least as far as 2001 when Electronic Arts released Majestic. It was released at a bad time with 9/11 and then a diminished demand once they started it up again killed it for good. Canadian TV show ReGenesis used a mix of interactive web content to bring the audience into the story as a protagonist for the four seasons that it ran
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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Pew study: News consumption up via mobile, social media | Internet & Media – CNET News

China sets leadership succession congress for November 8| Reuters

AirAsia X to make first 7 rows of economy class child-free zone ‹ Japan Today – interesting move

Portugal’s prosecutor punts P2P case • The Register

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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This week started with continuous rain since Sunday evening of biblical proportions. I managed to catch up with my old friend DJ Griff, who I’ve known since we both DJ’ed at a bar that was losing it’s licence and so  the owner didn’t care any more – happy times and ridiculously late riotous nights ensued.

K7! Records have a great way to celebrate their 27th birthday, by giving away two great tunes each week until October 16.

Casio shot this great film about a retrospective exhibition of graffiti artist and street wear designer Eric Haze’ work and label.

It’s interesting to see how street wear has transcended fashion to become art in its own right in the space of just two decades or so.
I had read Paul Oakenfold’s official biography, the first five or so chapters are interesting because of the way they portray the early London house scene that Oakenfold was a part of.

Finally a Drums of Death mix from BBC Radio 1 on Soundcloud