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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Record Store Day 2019 redux. For various reasons I didn’t do any any vinyl shopping but used The Vinyl Store to compile a list of what I would have liked to buy.

My picks from Record Store Day UK 2019

A few things:

  • Madonna’s True Blue single was one of her classic 12 inch singles. I am less convinced by the fake ‘obi’
  • Cloud One were a studio-based disco production team
  • Jazzanova’s Heatwave was given a 1980s makeover which sounds amazing
  • Lonnie Liston Smith – Space Princess is a great disco cut from the people that brought you Expansions

danah boyd on the current state of play of participatory media. I first met danah back in 2005 at the Yahoo! Campus in Sunnyvale with Bradley Horowitz. She was working on a project for Yahoo! Research back then and has kept close to youth and ‘social’ media since then.

Even if you don’t know eBoy, you’ll recognise their work and its distinctive style. They’re doing a collaboration in customised Swatch watches. The video talks about how they work together, which is an interesting process in and of itself.

Asian Boss have done a collaboration with a documentary maker to bring Crossroads to YouTube. Crossroads is a documentary that shows how the Sewol Ferry disaster shaped modern Korean culture and politics. It was as big as the Poll Tax riots or the Brexit vote in the UK. It pressed the reset button on the Korean public’s relationship with the government captured by chaebol which was business as usual.

And Tomy’s range of mini retro consumer electronics are amazing. I presume that these are all aimed at adults. The level of detail is impressive.

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Out and about: Dragged Across Concrete

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In sharp contrast to the wall-to-wall kinetic-driven nature of action films in general; Dragged Across Concrete is a well-paced crime film.

The role of smartphone shot video dragged it kicking and screaming into the modern day via Rodney King.

The film reminded me of a number of others:

  • The Usual Suspects and Magnolia for its multi-threaded plot. It was interesting to see how the director managed to drop some threads sooner than others
  • Quentin Tarantino for his emphasis on dialogue, even to the point of awkwardness. And the resurrection of Don Johnson as a film star – which worked really well in this film
  • Michael Mann’s Heat for the meticulous planning of the crime and the way Gibson’s character continuously weighed up his options in terms of probability. It was kind of like being inside the head of the DeNiro character in Heat

Dragged Across Concrete owes a lot to Spaghetti Westerns with its stand offs pacing and anti-heroes. All action comes with consequences which is very unlike the fireworks of Hollywood. It owes more to the realism of Sergio Corbucci‘s action films.

There are odd moments like the gimp masked thug who finances the robbery van by robbing a pawn shop and convenience store.

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ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

Reading Time: < 1 minute

How to AirDrop files from a Mac computer to other Apple devices – Business Insider – I’ve been (trying to) use Airdrop recently – its even become a verb for peer-to-peer side loading previously done handset to handset via BlueTooth

Waze pitch deck to out-of-home agencies – Business Insider – interesting integration with OOH advertising. Although the last thing the world needs is yet another ad format from Alphabet

Opinion | How Capitalism Betrayed Privacy – The New York Times – interesting how privacy and the growth of the middle class were connected