Flame thrower

Reading Time: < 1 minute Be very afraid link to the Something Awful forum where Roland Tower has made a flame thrower from everyday parts available from a B&Q. The only thing stopping throwing a flame in a similar manner to a military grade device is that it uses too light a fuel. The fuel is usually mixed with ingredients… Continue reading Flame thrower

Social Networking

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fantastic overview on the overhyped technology trend of the moment social networking. Don’t get me wrong I am a member of some of them, its just that the net is not paved with gold and there are only a finite number of opportunities. By the time you get around to organise a high-level conference about… Continue reading Social Networking

V and A

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Saturday, I continued my sporadic tour of London’s cultural highpoints: Fabric, Smith of Smithfields, The End, Flying Records, Phonica, The Science Museum and now the Victoria & Albert Museum known informally as the V and A. The museum is very disorientating despite the map that they provide you with on the way in. In… Continue reading V and A