Bruce Schneier on the state of the web

Bruce Schneier on the state of the internet. Schneier is one of the smartest people on information security and the implications of how systems change Key takeaways: The internet has been changed by a change in the elites involved in running it. In the early commercial internet through to the mid-noughties their was a libertarian […]

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The Best Superhero Comic of the Year Is About a Crime-Solving Dog Who Loves Pizza | Underwire | Microsoft exec on the Valley’s bias against Azure: It’s ‘running out of excuses’ | VentureBeat What Is Needed For Top Positions In The App Stores? | Distimo Instant 90’s Music – The 90’s button – just […]

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that caught my eye this week: The soundtrack of the week was M.I.A’s Bring The Noize which felt curiously like the imagery of an early 90s rave music video, complete with a modded Mark II Ford Fiesta XR2 and projections reminiscent of early Rhythm King record sleeves: But the ADD-influenced backing track is the […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Coke’s first name campaign hits difficulties in China | The Drum due to the variety of names Alibaba Internal Memo Bans All Third-Party Communication Software Sony: Gamers don’t want to buy digital | T3 – not terribly surprised due to secondhand market for games and the collectable nature of them Grindr, Skout, Scruff, Shazam most-used […]

Reader rapture: what will be your salvation during Google shutdown?

We have reached the end times for Google Reader and a mass of activity has been whipped up to provide people with alternatives to consume RSS feeds through. My personal favourite is Newsblur. For people who only follow a few feeds Newsblur might be overkill. It has a number of features that make it ideal […]