An unscientific assessment of Baidu

Google has finally left the Chinese market for search, so I thought I would try the alternative Baidu. My trial is gloriously unscientific in nature and not particularly rigorous. I did what most consumers would have done and searched for myself. I was quite open-minded about this, on the one hand Google has been killing […]

Links of the day

Google Apps Still A Tiny Business — Only $50 Million A Year — But Microsoft Should Be In Major Panic Mode – Some interesting information on how it is disrupting Microsoft’s corporate pricing strategy 5 Essential Apps for Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators Strange Days | whatleydude How Wrong […]

How does The Times going paywall affect the PR industry?

Aside from the obvious out-of-pocket expenses rise with The Times going behind a paywall, how is this going to affect PROs? For a starter The Times Online becomes becomes a less attractive publication  to pitch in stories to, with the number of unique users estimated to fall from 1.2 million to 20,000 according to Forrester […]

There is no charge for awesomeness

I love Kung Fu Panda for its visual in-jokes and the line “There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness”. I was reminded of this by a window sticker I saw by South Korean logistics company Hanjin. Whilst the Royal Mail has done some interesting product design like the electric mail trolleys and the custom-built […]

Links of the day

U.K. Kids Start Social Networking Way Under the Age Limit | Fast Company ::: Kenichi Tanaka – web zine :::: 卒業制作 / Final Thesis Project – love the 8bit styles The Times’ Paywall – Can It Work? | Forrester Blogs – you can find my take on this here. China To Lead The Race In […]