An unscientific assessment of Baidu

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google has finally left the Chinese market for search, so I thought I would try the alternative, hence an unscientific assessment of Baidu. My trial is unscientific in nature and not particularly rigorous. I did what most consumers would have done and searched for myself. I was quite open-minded about this, on the one hand… Continue reading An unscientific assessment of Baidu

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Google Apps Still A Tiny Business — Only $50 Million A Year — But Microsoft Should Be In Major Panic Mode – Some interesting information on how it is disrupting Microsoft’s corporate pricing strategy 5 Essential Apps for Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators Strange Days | whatleydude How Wrong… Continue reading Links of the day

How does The Times going paywall affect the PR industry?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Aside from the obvious out-of-pocket expenses rise with The Times going behind a paywall, how is this going to affect PROs? For a starter The Times Online becomes becomes a less attractive publication  to pitch in stories to, with the number of unique users estimated to fall from 1.2 million to 20,000 according to Forrester… Continue reading How does The Times going paywall affect the PR industry?