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Nozoe Kuniaki

Former CEO of Fujitsu Nozoe Kuniaki (野副州旦) – blackmail forced his resignation | Japan: Stippy – interesting story of boardroom intrigue. Nozoe Kuniaki was originally said to have resigned due to ill health. The FT reported that Nozoe Kuniaki was really forced to resign by Fujitsu. Apparently Nozoe Kuniaki was forced to resign over links to a company of “unfavourable reputation”. The FT hints the roots of this palace putsch: apparently Nozoe Kuniaki was opposed by colleagues due to his drive to refocus the group on IT services at the expense of unprofitable electronics divisions, including its hard disk drive business.

China / China – China faces shortages of migrant workers – this is more about structural change than an economic problem, the demographic bomb hasn’t kicked in yet. Shenzhen and similar areas will go to higher value products and industry permeate deeper into the country / Asia-Pacific – Labour shortage hits China export recovery

Consumer behaviour

When Trying to Preserve the Planet Strains the Relationship – – environmentalism causing maritial strife


Axe Cop – genius: a 5 year-old script writer and a 29 year-old illustrator create an awesome comic

From Quantic Dream, a Child Killer and a Tormented Dad – – interesting new direction in gaming. In some ways it reminds me of Myst and the vision that Philips had for the CD-i platform


Economists Urge Government to Stop War on Piracy | TorrentFreakDigital Economy Bill-type measures don’t make economic sense according to Spanish economists


Op-Ed Contributor – Microsoft’s Creative Destruction –“Microsoft has become a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator. Its products are lampooned, often unfairly but sometimes with good reason. Its image has never recovered from the antitrust prosecution of the 1990s. Its marketing has been inept for years; remember the 2008 ad in which Bill Gates was somehow persuaded to literally wiggle his behind at the camera?” and “Microsoft’s huge profits — $6.7 billion for the past quarter — come almost entirely from Windows and Office programs first developed decades ago. Like G.M. with its trucks and S.U.V.’s, Microsoft can’t count on these venerable products to sustain it forever.”

Chinese Premier Talks Up Internet of Things – – interesting stuff here, however we need to move to IPv6 addresses fast in order to take advantage of it


RTÉ News: ‘Guerrilla street’ hurling in US capital


Grads return to watches as job-hunter prop | The Japan Times Online – watches used to give the impression of being well-organised

Tech Lawyers Say ‘Uh Oh’ as Microsoft Outsources Legal Work to India

Google and antitrust: Searching questions | The Economist

Slapdash Bill will damage Britain’s digital economy – The Irish Times – Fri, Nov 27, 2009 – external perspective on the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill


Leaked UK record industry memo sets out plans for breaking UK copyright – Boing Boing – WTF. The BPI-authored changes the effect of which was that “the security services concerns were not being met” and then goes on to talk about the irony that the Open Rights Group and the Security Services being on the same side as if it validates his standpoint — смотрите фильмы и сериалы с комфортом! – Russian answer to Hulu and iPlayer. Really nicely designed.

When using open source makes you an enemy of the state | Technology | – interesting evidence against MPAA and RIAA of trying to incite unilateral US government actions against Indonesia because it uses open source software


U.K. Kids Start Social Networking Way Under the Age Limit | Fast Company


Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord – NYTimes.comMy Way correlates with karaoke-related killings in the Philippines. Fascinating bit of newspaper anthropology

Retailing / Comment / Analysis – China: The jailed salesman – background on the Gome business


China PLA officer urges new Internet control agency | Reuters – People’s Liberation Army Major General Huang Yongyin ‘For national security, the Internet has already become a new battlefield without gunpowder’

Google Case Highlights Gaps in Computer Security – – interesting take on security


The best health apps for your iPhone | The Guardian

Wireless / Telecoms – Students power BlackBerry growth – I can completely understand this, I miss a proper keyboard a la the Nokia Communicator

Motorola’s First-Quarter Forecast Hurts Shares – – Android failing to save Motorola’s bacon


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