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Top posts of 2011 | 今年最流行的博客帖子

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I delved into the analytics on the blog and had a look at the ten most popular posts I had written in 2011.

  1. How to set up Weibo for English speakers – the western world started to wake up to Twitter’s smarter, more innovative cousin:’s Weibo service
  2. Throwback gadget: Sennheiser HD250 II Linear headphones – I was amazed at the amount of inbound traffic I got from this post, it seems to have been spread in audiophile forums
  3. Reductionism, public relations and ‘reputation’ – trying to make sense of the car crash that is the PR profession. Some people got upset at the implication that it is a trade, but my Dad is the smartest people I know learned his trade in engineering and I see no shame in that. I am also immensely proud to have learned my trade from some insanely great people. Don’t let all that put you off, some great comments from a number of people including Chris Reed
  4. CNN QR code #FAIL – a train wreck of an evening that saw me leave my keys locked in the office by accident and stay over in a hotel near the office gave me this blog post gold
  5. Throwback gadget: Sony Walkman WM-D6C Pro – if you remember concert bootlegs on cassette or Michelle Shocked The Texas Campfire Sessions album, you’ve got the Sony Pro Walkman to thank. A giant over-engineered work of portable audio that is an emblem of the golden age in Japanese engineering back when the Sony brand actually stood for unmatched quality and excellence
  6. Why Facebook is a dead man walking part 2.5? | 技术品牌的情绪 – Netbase’s sentiment data on technology brands indicated that Facebook was tolerated as people felt obliged to be on it – and was less loved than Microsoft or HP!
  7. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Walmart? | 亚马逊,百度,谷歌,沃尔玛?– on the potential I saw of Walmart’s innovation labs to join some of the big successful platform players currently out there
  8. Ten things that annoy in agency life – it had been coming for a while
  9. What your Facebook profile says about you – what can I say looking at the traffic this post got I suspect there is a lot of curious or paranoid people out there
  10. The Futility of QR Codes on tube adverts – thanks to Annie Mole and Going Underground blog this got probably more visibility than it deserved and upset a few people in the mobile eco-system – so I must have been doing something right
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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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New Social Network My.Ology Fosters Content-Based Interactions – interesting focus on passions

LTE Windows Phones Arriving Next Year – will early to LTE give Windows Phone the leg up?

The One Reason To Avoid Microsoft Now And When To Know It’s A Buy – Seeking Alpha

Product Strategists Should See NFC As Much More Than Contactless Payments | Forrester Blogs – information sharing rather like IrDA

I, Cringely » Like shooting ducks in a barrel – US about to undergo a revolution in online gambling

Almost 40 Percent Of Facebook Use Is By Mobile App | mocoNews

Research: Internet Is UK’s No. 2 News Source, But Only 3.8 Percent Pay | mocoNews

Nike’s Footwork Yields Long Lines – (paywall)

Supply chain players see dropping iPad 2 orders

Young Women Go Back to School Instead of Work –

What is LTE? | ExtremeTech – good primer for non-technical people

Ireland faces loss of entire generation | Irish Examiner – not terribly surprising, the challenge is that there aren’t markets doing that well in the UK, Australia, the EU and the US to absorb them. It’s not like the post-war generation

Nokia Windows Phones reportedly receiving ‘Nokia Collection’ Marketplace section | The Verge – will it be enough to differentiate it the phone in the eyes of consumers?

Used Prices on Priceonomics – in early stages but looks promising

Jim Rekoske From Honeywell On Developing Biofuels | Fast Company

Men’s Watches Keep Getting Bigger –

Starbucks: Local Mobile Partnerships Generate New Customers | The China Observer

Tweet for McNuggets: Chinese Startup Offers Social Marketing Rewards | Tech in Asia – social media users perform tasks for discounts or rewards like McDonald’s food

Japan relaxes weapons export ban – – joint development of weapons more feasible

Irish love to talk during festive period | Irish Examiner – interesting that the UK and Australia (with large diasporas were the most texted countries, but the most called was Poland (Ireland is home to a large amount of the Polish diaspora)

Mozilla’s Three Big Bets to Keep the Web Open | PCWorld

Online Retailers Home In on a New Demographic – The Drunken Consumer – – I feel really uncomfortable about this from an ethical point-of-view

Another Report Shows Google+ With 60M+ Users And Growing | TechCrunch – unknown active user count

China’s eyes in the sky ‘go public’ | – already products available that can use GPS, GLO-NASS and Beidou simultaneously, handy for forests, mountains and built-up cities (paywall)

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I like: Goodstuph paying it forward card

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Singapore blogger Pat Law and her social influence agency Goodstuph mailed me an iron-on patch of their logo and some letter press cards to say thank you to other people.