Charles Dunstone Speech

Reading Time: 14 minutes I went along to see Charles Dunstone speak to the Entrepreneurs group at the London School of Economics on February 27. I have tried to type up the session as best I can from the recording I made at the event. Thank you very much indeed for that very kind introduction. I think that I… Continue reading Charles Dunstone Speech

Dangerous Minds

Reading Time: < 1 minute Over at, they ask some 110 scientists and other thinkers a new question each year and collate the answers.This year the question was What is your dangerous idea? There was the usual cyber punk / Terminator SkyNet stuff about the internet becoming self aware and science becoming a new religion or that the age… Continue reading Dangerous Minds

Warwick encourages students to blog

Reading Time: < 1 minute The University of Warwick has managed to get its students to create over 4,000 via its own site for them.As well as providing valuable publicity for the university, allowing the university a way of getting an understanding the student body zeitgest, provides valuable grist for virtual social anthropoligists like Sense Worldwide, it allows prospective scholars… Continue reading Warwick encourages students to blog