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Surveillance Costs: The NSA’s impact on the economy, internet freedom and cybersecurity | New America’s Open Technology Institute – US think tank’s analysis on the NSA revelations (PDF) Samsung Earnings: What to Watch | WSJ – unsold stock in China and Europe? What Our Culture of Overwork Is Doing to Mothers | TIME – One […]

Jargon watch: Makimoto’s wave

Dr Tsugio Makimoto is a technologist who has worked at Sony and Hitachi. He co-authored Digital Nomad with David Manners which was published in 1997 and seems to have been influential to executives in the semiconductor industry. The wave named after Dr Makimoto is a twenty-year cycle between custom design components and general components. Like […]

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China’s Hony ready to make more overseas deals after Pizza Express buy | SCMP – huge gulf in casual dining, China tends to have fast food or high-end dining PC sales estimates: How the sausage gets made | Fortune – why don’t they have a look at slaughtered goats intestines whilst they are at it? […]

Throwback gadget: Apple iPod hi-fi

Now and again Apple makes some odd diversions in direction and focus. One of these was the Apple iPod Hi-Fi. The best way to describe it is imagine of Dieter Rams had made over one of Panasonic’s old RX DT75 with the motorised ‘cobra’ top. Hi-Fi as in high-fidelity is a bit of a misnomer, […]

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Facebook Downplays Billion-Dollar App Ad Business | Re/code – the number of apps on there is quite scary Is Moore’s Law Less Important to the Tech Industry? – – the problem is that it’s hard to focus on performance per watt and define the difference. Way before this, the speed bumps were having less and […]