Overwork & other things

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overwork What Our Culture of Overwork Is Doing to Mothers | TIME – One reason for the stall in gender equity during the 1990s was a change in typical work weeks and remuneration patterns,” wrote Youngjoo Cha, assistant professor of Sociology at IUB in a companion presented at the CCF symposium. “This period saw a… Continue reading Overwork & other things

Makimotos wave

Reading Time: < 1 minute Makimotos wave is named after Dr Tsugio Makimoto. Dr Makimoto is a technologist who has worked at Sony and Hitachi. He co-authored Digital Nomad with David Manners which was published in 1997 and seems to have been influential to executives in the semiconductor industry. Makimotos wave named is a twenty-year cycle between custom design components… Continue reading Makimotos wave

Apple iPod HiFi

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introducing the Apple iPod HiFi Now and again Apple makes some odd diversions in direction and focus. One of these was the Apple iPod HiFi. The best way to describe it is imagine of Dieter Rams had made over one of Panasonic’s old RX DT75 with the motorised ‘cobra’ top. Which is why it made… Continue reading Apple iPod HiFi