Reebok in crap-looking sneakers scandal

Reading Time: < 1 minute I love it when shoe companies experiment with edgy designs and new materials like New Balance’s past Super Team 33 efforts, but someone needs to give Reebok a slap over these efforts I saw in their Neal Street, Covent Garden shop based on the vintage Reebok Pump basketball design. I know that this is supposed… Continue reading Reebok in crap-looking sneakers scandal

Things I learned on the Christmas break

Reading Time: 2 minutes I met with a number of people and observed a number of things during the Christmas break. On their own not enough for a blog post about them, but I thought there maybe something in putting them all together. According to an entrepreneur I met even targeted high circulation print coverage delivered little traffic to… Continue reading Things I learned on the Christmas break

Jargon Watch: Curb mining

Reading Time: < 1 minute Marketing agency Blu Dot teamed up with furniture designer Mono to start a word-of-mouth campaign through a ‘Real Good‘ experiment. They placed chairs around New York city, tracked them to their new homes when they were picked up and interviewed the new owners. This was to investigate the concept of curb mining (kerb mining in… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Curb mining