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The market’s most crowded trades could be causing dangerous bubbles – Business Insider First QQ-themed KFC opens in Shenzhen | Marketing Interactive – interesting brand collaboration Here’s How Snapchat Might Be Beating Facebook | TIME – relative engagement rates and popularity with millennials desirable for marketers Pentax K-1 Hands-on First Impressions – Bokeh by DigitalRev – I really […]

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Things that made my day this week Probably the biggest thing that happened was me rediscovering Quora the question-and-answer network. I replied to a question ‘What are the major reasons behind Yahoo’s drastic downfall?‘ and then republished it as a blog post with a few more bits and bobs. Traffic blew up on the post […]

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Google and Microsoft bury the hatchet | Techeye – this is potentially huge. Especially if Microsoft is considering itself to be less of an OS business and more of an enabler. 10 forces that threaten to tear the internet apart | World Economic Forum – really nice read How Traditional Storytelling Is Ruining Virtual Reality Film – not really […]

What are the major reasons behind Yahoo’s drastic downfall?

I came across this question on Quora and decided to post my answer with additional data points and information here as well. This is a big question. In the answers that it will receive you are likely to see: Difference of opinions about the reasons of the decline Differences of opinion  about when the decline actually […]

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Dan Grover | Bots won’t replace apps. Better apps will replace apps. – great analysis around conversational UIs and the designs of OTT messaging platforms from a a product manager at WeChat Chinese Conglomerate LeEco Wants To Give Away Its ‘Tesla Killer’ Electric Supercar For Free – Slashdot – going directly into zipcar type offerings Google Preps […]