Your favourite magazines

I got the idea from from Jonathan’s post over at Middledigit. I am not interested in the online version, what dead tree media publications make your day? Here’s mine: Wired Magazine – Ok so they don’t use fluorescent ink any more, the type is in a straight line and the redesign makes it look really […]

The Golden Search and other internet trends

US investment bank Piper Jaffray put out some of the smartest publicly available thinking about the internet space at the moment: last week they issued a new detailed report called The User Revolution: The New Advertising Ecosystem and The Rise of the Internet as a Mass Medium. Piper Jaffray customers can get a copy from […]

Oprah Time: Nokia Smartphone Hacks

O’Reilly are known for their technical books and they publish some of my favourite reference books: Flickr Hacks, Mac OS X – The Missing Manual and Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther. At first I was skeptical, a book about hacking Nokia phones, what’s the point they’re so transitory as devices? I go through […]

Brand Oscars

Brandchannel have released their Oscars for the product placement star of the silver screen. The results are based on their regular analysis of the latest films looking for product placements. Some interesting take-outs from these brand oscars were that Apple did not get one mention – maybe that’s because a manifestation of a product that […]


Some of my blog posts are written on the fly often in reaction to something that has happened or something that I had as an idea and didn’t have the time to develop it fully. A couple of cases in point, my blog post on things I learnt to make long-haul business travel more palatable […]