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I have a Nokia e61 smartphone, but the new e90 has filled me with GSMvy . I had the current e61 for the past six months on Orange and after some teething troubles with buggy firmware I grew to like it so much I knew that was what I was going to replace my Orange phone with when I moved to T-Mobile: another e61. And when I went to San Francisco I sourced a special Timbuk2 case for it.

However, Nokia shook me from my satisfaction with the e61, by announcing the e90 at GSMA in Barcelona (hence GSMvy, GSMA and envy). A powerful handset with a full sized keyboard hidden beneath the exterior of a candy-bar phone.

e90, I love you

The e90 is a leap forward from the previous 9X00-series communicators as Nokia has standardised on Series 60 3rd edition as its OS of choice. In a relatively slim case the phone carries a decent-sized screen, keyboard and even a GPS unit so you can load mapping software directly on to the handset.

The built-in camera on the phone on the phone means that its an ideal way to participate in Dan Catt’s geotagging work at Flickr and makes blogging on the move a much more attractive proposition.

The most maddening thing is that I can’t get hold of one for at least another six months, sod the iPhone: I am quite happy with my separate iPod nano, the e90 is the converged device that I want this year. More Nokia related posts here.