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Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nokia N950 origins The Nokia N950 was designed at a weird time. Nokia’s position as the premier smartphone maker was under siege from Android and iPhone after seeing off the Palm OS and numerous iterations of Windows Phone. Nokia had missed the boat on devices with capacitive touch displays. It was using a smartphone operating… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

Fall of Nokia & other things this week

Reading Time: < 1 minute BBC 4 ran a great hour long documentary film: The Rise and Fall of Nokia is an oral history on the fall of Nokia from Nokia veterans. You can’t give a good comprehensive telling on the rise and fall of Nokia story in just one hour, but you can get a sense of what Nokia… Continue reading Fall of Nokia & other things this week

Nokia 8110 & other things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nokia 8110 A cheap facsimile of the classic Nokia 8110 managed to upstage the launch of of a range of premium Android phones at MWC.  Nostalgia is powerful, but I don’t think what’s going on here. I could see the Nokia 8110 as a weekend phone allowing consumers to wind down at the weekend and… Continue reading Nokia 8110 & other things