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Nokia X

Modelling Nokia X Scenarios and the Level of Desperation it Reveals | Tomi Ahonen – the Nokia X is a strange device. The Nokia X is a low cost smartphone that runs Android rather than Windows. Is the Nokia X a power play by the Finnish company against Microsoft, or an engineering project that escaped the lab?


Introducing Matrix Class For Glass™ – PRNewswire – beauty brand Matrix is part of L’Oreal uses Google’s abortion bucket of wearable computing Glass


China’s Young Billionaires ‘Shoot Up’ Global Rich List | Jing Daily

Why so many “activist” investors are barraging companies with money-making schemes | Quartz

BrandZ 2014 China’s top brands | MillwardBrown

Consumer behaviour

Battle Builds Over Shampoo Prices | WSJ – Unilever’s plans to get ahead in U.S. hair care have run into a problem: a price war with Procter & Gamble. (Paywall)

The Next Big Thing You Missed: How to Rebuild Computer Security From the Ground Up |

Cybernorms research department – Lund University – great set of whitepaper resources

Economic Demographics of U.S. iPhone Buyers | CNN Money – One third of Apple’s U.S. sales in 2013 were to Americans making more than $100,000 a year, and of that group, Apple’s share was 65%, according to NPD (which did not provide a spreadsheet supporting that number).

Survey finds Chinese see US as the “ideal country” | beyondbrics – that will have chafed Xi Jingping’s chaps (paywall)


India to block U.S. trade probes, ready for fight at WTO | Reuters

Property prices are “castrating the whole notion of city life”  – the rising cost of property in city centres is causing the “biggest crisis” facing architects and urbanists, according to critic Joseph Rykwert, the recipient of this year’s RIBA Royal Gold Medal


McDonalds to do all-day breakfasts? | BloombergBusinessWeek


Nokia’s Androids not strong enough to compete in Asia | Techinasia

BlackBerry Announces New Phones, Services |


Germany leaning on neighbours for growth | Quartz

How to

Find the person behind an email address with Vibe for Mac and Chrome


Nilay Patel: ‘The Internet Is Fucked’ | The Verge – not terribly surprising


Plus size fashion in Japan | RocketNews


HTC launches new project donating processor power to scientific research | The Verge

ARPA-E Deputy Director Cheryl Martin Interview on EV Batteries | The Energy Collective

Samsung and Apple: two flavors of innovation


Apple sues China govt body over Siri – US technology giant Apple is suing a Chinese government agency and a domestic company over patent rights for its “Siri” personal assistant


Disney Is Launching Its Own Movie Streaming Service | Time.comIn a bid to convince more people to purchase digital versions of movies, Disney today launched its own movie streaming service. The new platform, called Disney Movies Anywhere, allows customers to purchase Disney films through iTunes and then stream them through their web browser or on iPhones – this is huge

Sina posts big profits ahead of potential Weibo IPO, but we wouldn’t invest in it | Techinasia


Study: Digital Return on Investment Undervalued | Advertising Age


Chinese version of LinkedIn launched | RTHK – the two key things here are: lack of a Chinese national champion and harmonisation of content for Chinese government compliance

Matt Cutts Answers If Google Uses EXIF Data From Pictures As A Ranking Factor | Search Engine Journal – probably not at the moment but could be used in the future, which would make sense


IT giants to protect Chinese users after Windows XP shutdown | WantChinaTimes

Element 14 Holding Orders Based On US Government Watch List | EEVblog

New attack completely bypasses Microsoft zero-day protection app | Ars Technica

Blackphone Launches At Mobile World Congress 2014 – PRNewswire`

Why Apple’s Recent Security Flaw Is So Scary | Gizmodo


Discriminatory approach to Singapore online gambling rules would encourage legal challenge, warns expert | – The Singapore government would open itself up to a potential legal challenge by some of the biggest betting operators if they were discriminatory in banning those companies from offering remote gambling in the country, an expert has warned


Spritz – getting information across fast with speed-reading software


Google Fiber’s potential Achilles’ heel | BGR – Wi-Fi to device is the bottle neck in home broadband set-ups

Telco industry needs to invest up to $1.7trn to meet data demand |


Hutchison Telecom eyes improved mobile business after decline last year | SCMP – aims to improve its mobile business despite increased competition from the merger between HKT and CSL New World Mobility. (Paywall)

Nokia’s new Windows Phone strategy is guaranteed to confuse everyone – How is Nokia going to explain the differences between its Asha feature phone application system, the Windows Phone 8 app system and the new Asha/Windows/Android app system to consumers in emerging markets?