Easter Greetings

I hope that all readers enjoy a relaxing Easter break.
Easter Island statue

Links of the day | 在网上找到

DAFT PUNK | In the studio

Ad Agencies Frustrated As Yahoo Focuses Energy Elsewhere | Advertising Age

Customers Flee Wal-Mart Empty Shelves for Target, Costco – Bloomberg – running stores too lean in staff has meant that shelves can’t be restocked in sufficient time to keep selling product

China: No Longer Largest Art Market | Sports and Culture Blog – this may have something to do with the way capital flight happens so may not count as a Chinese purchase

Mercedes-Benz introduces CLA 45 AMG model amid leaping dancers – Quartz

Vera Wang scraps $500 China try-on fee, knockoffs still flourish | Reuters

Experian Hitwise report: UK online video exceeds one billion visits a month {client} – Dot Comms – Find out about the UK’s online video consumption in latest Experian Hitwise UK’s report

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week:

My colleague Jackie shared video which was created a few years ago for Craftsman tools (think Black and Decker meets Stanley)

The newly launched Design My Samsonite campaign which seems like a simple, but smart way to move the discussion on about luggage for a non-premium, non-luxury brand

The Brian Blessed alarm clock for iPhone. A booming voice with classic Shakespearean quotes.

Apple’s retail experience has moved beyond a product experience to become central to modern-day culture, as shown by this spoof in an advert by Somersby Cider

Finally, I got a good infographic on mobile payments:
Mobile Payments infographic

Jason Goldberg on e-commerce

Jason is now known as the poster child e-commerce with Fab.com, in a prior role I had Jason as a client as he tried to transform recruiting in a similar way.

The video is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.
Key points:

  • Globally, five percent of retail is now online
  • Move to e-commerce for emotional products is more about wow factor rather than price
  • Global love for great product design
  • Furniture, jewellery and art online have double and triple digit growth in sales
  • More than 50 per cent of Fab’s sales can be on mobile during a given day, aggregates out to 35-40 per cent overall
  • Consumers shop brands: product brands and retail brands. Expectation of online experience and product portfolio

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Spanish Linux group files antitrust complaint against Microsoft • The Register

Apple’s broken promise: why doesn’t iCloud ‘just work’? | The Verge

Let’s Say FeedBurner Shuts Down… | CSS-Tricks

What’s Actually Wrong with Yahoo’s Purchase of Summly :: Hacking, Distributed

BBC News – Should Britain let go of London?

Facebook moves to defuse algorithm row – Brand Republic NewsOne industry source claimed the natural reach of posts it made on behalf of a brand with one of the biggest Facebook followings in the UK has dropped from 15% to 5% after the change to the EdgeRank algorithm

Hubspot-The Complete Guide to Global Social Media Marketing.pdf_微盘下载 – good download from CIC Data

What, exactly, WiFiSLAM is, and why Apple acquired it – The Next Web

LINK – Statistics – interesting data points on ATM usage in UK

Apple’s first quarter of negative income growth since 2003 – Fortune – interesting analysis of the data

The UK Energy Crisis in 3 simple awareness-raising pictures • The Register – freaky weather and precarious natural gas supplies. Time to go nuclear

Schneier on Security: Our Internet Surveillance State

Startup Sherpa Bets Its Predictive Smartphone Assistant Can Best Google Now | MIT Technology Review

Google Play risks destroying the market for premium apps on Android, believes Flexion Mobile – dramatic headline, but the dynamics described are not surprising

Why Twenty-Somethings Aren’t Doomed to Be Poor (but Thirty-Somethings Might Be) – Atlantic Mobile