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Harlem Shake

Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ Hits No. 1 With Unlicensed Samples – NYTimes.com – just like the early 1990s again. It reminds me of all the tracks who used vocals from the Accapellas Anonymous series of records on DJ Essentials Inc. Some of the Harlem Shake samples are from Philadelphyinz – T&A Breaks 3: Moombahton Loops & Samples – which in turn sampled at least five other tracks including one by Pitbull. Harlem Shake also sampled Plastic Little’s miller time

Consumer behaviour

Your Neighborhood Is Why You’re Fat – urban planning and health. Summary – suburbs and kitchen sink estates without mass transit system links and cycle-friendly roads are bad for you

Why Koreans Love Tumblr, And Other Social Network Surprises – not so much why but interesting insights none-the-less


Pepsi Unveiling New Bottle Design – first tune-up since 1997

Nando’s nation: the chicken that conquered Britain – Telegraph – interesting article on the phenomena of fast casual eating

Yum Brands Rebounds From Chicken Scare in China – Bloomberg

How to

Looking for a Google Alerts Alternative? Try This


Recharging Japan’s Dominance in Lithium-ion Batteries – PARC blog

China Is Engineering Genius Babies | VICE United Kingdom – not exactly but interesting take on how China is putting effort into biotechnology

The 500MW molten salt nuclear reactor: Safe, half the price of light water, and shipped to order | ExtremeTech


Lane Crawford employs 3D scanning for spring/summer campaign – Campaign Asia


Ireland’s newspapers suffer hard times – FT.com

What If The Google Reader Readers Just Don’t Come Back? | TechCrunch

Third of digital ads ‘may never be seen’ (Infographic) – Digital Intelligence

Apple is finally making money on content

Social media, a blank canvas for your brand | IAB UK

This Is the Scariest Statistic About the Newspaper Business Today – Derek Thompson – The Atlanticin 2012, newspapers lost $16 in print ads for every $1 earned in digital ads. And it’s getting worse, according to a new report by Pew. In 2011, the ratio was just 10-to-1

February 2013 Facebook Report: Electronics Industry | Social Media Statistics & Metrics | Socialbakers

If Superheroes Were Sponsored By Famous Brands – brilliant. Branding could be a way for the comic book industry to survive the disruption of digitisation

Did eBay Just Prove That Paid Search Ads Don’t Work? – Harvard Business Review but only if you an have incredibly strong organic search programme going on. What people failed to take away from this is the rather unique nature of eBay’s business. Don’t give up on spending for SEM just yet. Few organisations can boast of having a site with as strong an organic search marketing as eBay.


Another Reason Google Reader Died: Increased Concern About Privacy and Compliance – Liz Gannes – News – AllThingsD – boils down to mainstream vs. niche

Social | Facebook Events Join the Contextual-Computing Party – location data used well

The man behind Flickr on making the service ‘awesome again’ | The Verge – making the site more responsive would be a good start

Digg Blog, We’re Building A Reader – Digg going after the Google Reader community

How Many People Really Use Sina Weibo – WSJ

The Bing operating system: Microsoft bets on deep search integration to beat Google | The Verge – leveraging desktop presence

Official Google Blog: A second spring of cleaning – highest profile casualty is Google Reader

Google Illiterate | MetaFilter – pissed off Google Reader users

LinkedIn to Buy Pulse Newsreader for More Than $50M – AllThingsD – interesting acquisition


The week in charts – Economist – interesting data points on Alibaba

Amazon Optimus Prime – AllThingsD – impressive growth in Amazon Prime, the Kindle Fire looks like the 21st century of the Argos catalogue

China’s e-tail revolution | McKinsey & Company


China Mobile: Let the Market Decide How to Charge Tencent for WeChat

Why I’m Switching (Back) to Firefox – campaul [dot] net – I never switched away

Insight: On Facebook, app makers face a treacherous path | Reuters

Smartest of the Ambient Apps at SXSW 2013 | SiliconANGLE


Apple’s Data Centers Now Running on 100% Renewable Energy, Corporate Facilities at 75% – Mac Rumors

Web of no web

Google Glass is Provoking a Backlash Because it’s Rude to Wear a Computer over Your Eye | MIT Technology Review


NYT: Apple allegedly squeezing EU operators on iPhone contracts, regulators looking into it | The Verge

Android Owners Aren’t Real Smartphone Owners – Business Insider

BlackBerry World catalog now boasts 100,000 BlackBerry 10 apps; 30,000 added in last 7 weeks – The Next Web