The netbook is dead, long live the netbook

Reading Time: < 1 minute FastCompany published a good analysis of the netbook phenomena where they argue that the netbook as a growth item is over and has now just become another class of PC. This makes sense and we have seen it with other devices in the past, such as the Palm PDA. I think however that the netbook… Continue reading The netbook is dead, long live the netbook

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canon Electronics – PR fail Unilever to Test Mobile Coupons – Apple raises retail stakes against Microsoft • The Register How People Share Online Video – eMarketer Report: Server sales declined 24.5 percent in first quarter – – it isn’t all due to virtualisation either Omniture Adds Facebook Data to Business Comparative Tools… Continue reading Links of the day

iPhone does a Facebook

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was reading the WSJ blogs and came across Andy Jordan’s article on ‘crap apps’ iPhone applications that are the code equivalent of the whoopee cushion or the paper hat that you get in a Christmas cracker. In ‘The Trucker Hats of iPhone Apps’, one of the people interviewed rationalises these applications as ‘…add users… Continue reading iPhone does a Facebook