Mystery Ranch 3-day assault pack

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I found Mystery Ranch when researching options. I have been thinking about getting a carry-on luggage compliant back pack to carry a laptop, camera, adaptors and other bits-and-bobs that comes in handy during flying. To get an idea of what I carry, here is a picture of my go bag and what I took to Hong Kong a couple of years ago.

Hong Kong Go Bag - Timbuk2

I wanted to have a rucksack. Most of the obvious options like The North Face and Oakley weren’t really what I was looking for. I want a good back on the rucksack that will help me deal with long queues in immigration and easy organisation for my stuff.

So I started to look at more military orientated designs. Most alpine bags sacrifice durability for going high speed, which is why I looked at after-market tactical suppliers instead. Mystery Ranch was a name that kept coming up again and again.

Mystery Ranch design and make these back in Bozeman, Montana with the kind of craftmanship that you would expect from people like Rickshaw Bagworks or Timbuk2. Its an area that is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and alpine sports enthusiasts. Their designer Dana Gleason has over 20 years experience repairing other people’s equipment, so you’d expect that he learned a bit about what works and what didn’t. He set up and sold a couple of outdoor brands before, parting company when the product wouldn’t live up to the quality that he wanted and was going to made half way around the world in a factory that couldn’t be adequately supervised.

The Mystery Ranch three day assault pack comes with two killer features. The Y-zip design allows you easily access all the back pack contents rather than rooting around in desperation. The unique adjustable yoke that allows you to get the fit of the bag just right.

These bags don’t come cheap, but are much more made-to-measure than comparable luggage. You can find out more here. More related content can be found here.



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