Roadwarrior design classics

A little while back I wrote about my multi-adapter that some clients have coveted in the past. Another item in my laptop travelling kit is this natty retractable ethernet cable by Targus. Wi-Fi despite what the techno-pundits would have you believe is rather unpredictable and reception areas can be like Swiss cheese. If I have […]

Chinese brands going global

Brandchannel have an interesting article about the challenges that Chinese brands going global face, particularly when they enter western markets. The article is good, but doesn’t cover the recent BenQ – Siemens disaster that took out one of Europe’s pre-eminent mobile phone manufacturers at the time. More details here  its a PDF document so […]

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What Do Women Want? Just Ask – New York Times Energy Fiend – Obsessed With Caffeine

Some inconvenient questions?

I went to see An Inconvenient Truth. This is a film made by Al Gore which intersperses his presentation which he routinely gives on climate change and the story of Gore’s own journey to environmentalism. I had some observations which I have noted below in a number points in no particular order.The Good Gore has […]

Oprah time: Louis L’Amour’s Silver Canyon

My Dad used to read a lot of pulp fiction from Westerns by the likes Louis L’Amour to thrillers from Hammond Innes and Alistair MacLean and they were always kept around the house.Periodically my Dad would trade some in and get newer ones from a second-hand book seller in Birkenhead market. As a kid they […]