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reframing the luxury brand :: Influxinsights Stat Shot: iPhone Users Are App-Hungry twitter: the reality behind the numbers 10 linkbait strategies to build links and drive traffic | Blog | Econsultancy Stop Phoul Play – Get The Facts On Phorm – Phorm does a Wal-Mart get-the-facts type site. It makes good sense from a PR […]

Cluetrain Manifesto a decade on: We want you to take 50 million of us as seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal

Before I started my first job, my Dad told me that ‘common sense never went out of fashion’ and the same could be said for the Cluetrain Manifesto ten years on. I had signed up to blog about one of the theses (number 83) in the book via this site. Ten years later and providing […]

Links of the day

iKnow! – – good Japanese learning application The Japanicity of Ken Tanaka and the Social Media Community of Youtube « The Eyeslit-Crypt Tweetup for Beginners « Weiward Girl When is it a Good Idea to Include Bloggers in Your Media Outreach? Why My Twitter Train is Stopping Video Monkey – for video format […]

Japanese youth fashion brand’s continues on path to global domination

I recently wrote about the Tokyo Girl’s Collection retail phenomena: a potent brew of media, real-life experience, e-commerce and m-commerce that is taking Japanese retail by storm. Uniqlo have done a collaboration with Tokyo Girls Collection on a jacket (click on the link and go to collection number one). The fact that they went with […]

Sticker shock

I did a double take when I realised I spent more on personal hygiene products to stock up my supplies than the average person gets in a week for Job Seekers Allowance (64.30 GBP for the average Joe over 24). A pack of disposable razors, two deodorants, a tooth brush and two bottles of aftershave […]