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Sun Microsystems

Oracle in shock $5.6 billion takeover of Sun – Computer Business Review : News – Sun Microsystems is a Silicon Valley icon. Cisco built their first routers around a Sun Microsystems motherboard. Dot com companies hosted their fledgling online businesses on Sun Microsystems servers. Quant analysts in banks built their models on Sun Microsystems workstations

Consumer behaviour

Consumers ‘turned off by social networking spam’ | Netimperative – interesting statistics

A Dialog about the Future for Students and Employers: The Upcoming Social Workforce « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

O’Brien: Older generations adopting new technologies faster than young –


YouTube – James Lebon’s Channel – original International Stussy Tribe member James Lebon had put up a number of the videos he directed. Check out the classic Paradox – Jailbreak and Force & Kzee – Who got the last laugh, through to the poptastic Betty Boo (just doing the do). The real downer about aging is having watched great talent die too young.


Britons know 10 recipes by heart

How to

Knowem UserName Check – Social Networking Username Availability – thanks to Becky for this one

50+ Google and Yahoo Search Shortcuts Cheat Sheet – good set of recommendations on likely places where buzz starts

HOW TO: Use Social Media to Champion International Causes


Hyping the Hype Curve – broadstuff


Official Google Blog: Hard at play in Google Labs with Similar Images and Google News Timeline


Village – Politics, Media and Current Affairs in Ireland – “Erin Go Broke” – a bit concerned about this. I don’t particularly want to see my home country go a bit Iceland. More related content here.


Inhabitat » Kyocera Unveils Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone – nice article on product design trends

Panasonic and NEC to unveil nine Linux devices on Monday as the LiMo Foundation takes off : Boy Genius Report

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami x QR Code – Josh Spear, Trendspotting

Jobs in Tokyo – Danny Choo is looking for a new staff member, sounds like a cool opportunity


Branded iPhone Apps and the Misleading Allure of Buzz

Facebook | Creative Capital – interesting event

Collective Conversation » Hill & Knowlton Digital in China » Blog Archive » Our Very Own Digital Library – Launched!


Susan Boyle boosts traffic to by 700% | New Media Age – I was shocked by this since I didn’t expect’s viewership to be as low as the figures imply.

Research: Going Web-Only Could Kill Your Newspaper | paidContent:UK

The Failure of #amazonfail | Clay Shirky on AllThingsD

Earnings: Google Back To Growth In UK After Managing Exchange Rates | paidContent:UK

Ignoring the community – a look at Yahoo! Hong Kong


The Twitter stampede continues (and Facebook dominates in Europe)

SEO & Social Media Roadmap

Yahoo Shutting Down The Rest Of Jumpcut In June


Hello! launches online fashion shop – Brand Republic – media does retail

The Butler’s Back: Brings Jeeves Out Of Retirement In UK |


Apple Stops Gaining Market Share (AAPL, DELL)


MTV Launches Branded SIM Card In Malta | mocoNews