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Google and the Right to Be Forgotten | New Yorker – gives a Europe is from Mars, America is from Venus context to the story

The Myth of the “Maxxinista” — Medium – I remember seeing baskets in Shenzhen for Woolworths as it then was complete with price reduced sales tags before they had even left the factory

DOCOMO, SYSTRAN and FueTrek Form Joint Venture to Develop Translation Services | NTT DOCOMO – interesting move

Twitter UK consumer behaviour infographic – data from Nielsen

The Power Paradox Facing Xi and Modi: Seize Control to Give It Away | Caixin – interesting article in Caixin

Hong Kong’s share of Chinese GDP | Marginal Revolution – interesting economic data given current circumstances

Oil overflow: As prices slump, producers grapple with a new reality – The Globe and Mail – peak demand?

#HeyASIO, forgot my Gmail login. Text me? | Sydney Morning Herald – good idea not to put your data centres in Australia

Faith in ‘one country, two systems’ plunges in latest HK survey | WantChinaTimes – there seems to be a schism in the way Hong Kong has broken with China from a consumer attitude point-of-view

Microsoft CEO Visited Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, Mi Pad Windows Tablet Or Xiaomi Windows Phone?– doubtful given Xiaomi’s eco-system. Most likely knowing your enemy, looking for possible common ground and gaining insight through the eyes of others. It could be about Microsoft’s patent claims on Android or about web services for international markets – Bing as default search engine outside China for Xiaomi?

ZTE’s ‘smart voice alliance’ to take on Apple, Google and Microsoft | WantChinaTimes – will ZTE be able to extend into services?

You know when you’re a Yahoo when…

I bumped into some former colleagues over the past couple of weeks and the experience reminded me of a lot of the items in this post. Given the circling activist investors surround the current iteration of Yahoo! this maybe a capsule of a soon-to-disappear culture.

You know that Yahoo! was the brand and Yahoo was a person who worked for Yahoo!

You were told that you bleed purple.

You have an address book full of friends and aquantances working at great companies in digital media. The business was a rotating door for talent, in six months you had a great Rolodex full of contacts.
Yahoo! timbuk2 bag
Your have an old brand Yahoo! laptop bag that just won’t die. Not too sure what they made those Timbuk2 bags from but mine is eight years old, well travelled and still looks new.

Friends introduce you to former colleagues you were less familiar with by including their IM identity as well as their name.
Yahoo! star
You still have a star kicking around in a box somewhere from when you packed up your desk one last time.
Your colleagues gave you a list of tchotchkes to get from the shop in building D if you went to the headquarters campus in Sunnyvale.

You’re still using at least one of Jerry and David’s Christmas presents around the house.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Secrets of a Chinese Router Factory | Re/code – extract from a new non-fiction work by Douglas Coupland

Malaysia’s crackdown on Uber isn’t a total ban | Techinasia – but it’s pretty serious

Hootsuite Reaches $1 Billion Valuation in Latest Funding Round Recode – insanity, I heard that they’ve already burned through 250 million?

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

My week was dominated by Social Media Week. I got to see Battenhall’s opening presentation and catch up former colleagues from past agency and in-house lives. I am gutted that I didn’t get to see Ogilvy’s presentation on Twitter cards so will have to make do with Slideshare:

The Eagles are known for being difficult. For instance, it is impossible to clear samples or have the tracks played on television. David Letterman takes them to town:

JJ Abrams reinvigoration of the Star Wars franchise includes a Millennium Falcon with a Batman tumbler easter egg

I love this advert for Hong Kong app / service GoGoVan; chock full of memes and Hong Kong cultural references.

Finally Slate wrote a great ode to the font Futura.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Keybase – ‘Keybase is a website, but it’s also an open source command line program’ – outlines one of the key problems with encryption right there for widespread consumer adoption

iPhone 6 Is the Most Durable iPhone Yet, Says Insurer – WSJ – you would need to do a larger sample of phones for statistically significant sampling

LOOK Google gamifies search with Google Mo Lang | Marketing Interactive – interesting Google tactic to increase usage

Facebook Earns 10% of Digital Ad Dollars, More Than Any Other Online Platform | Adweek – a third of global social spend is in APAC

MIT Students Battle State’s Demand for Their Bitcoin Miner’s Source Code | WIRED – it’s all a bit weird

The free wifi war’s security edge in China | WantChinaTimes – interesting that Chinese internet companies are rolling out free wi-fi. Where does this leave the likes of China Mobile?

Line temporarily cancels its IPO | Techinasia – avoiding the kerfuffle around Alibaba

The Athens Affair – IEEE Spectrum – anatomy of the Vodafone Greece hack. Very Snowden-esque

Apple – Press Info – First Weekend iPhone Sales Top 10 Million, Set New Record – take this with a pinch of salt may have something to do with not all markets being address which has driven demand and scarcity

VML China acquires Teein, fills hole in social media capability – Campaign Asia – really interesting that IM2.0 didn’t already have social and used to outsource it. VML in China is formidable

What Chinese brands know that MNCs don’t – Campaign Asia – marketers targeting too small a segment of Chinese middle class. Don’t really get Chinese middle class dynamics (paywall)

Microsoft no longer Trustworthy | The Register – interesting that it is getting shut down, I suspect integrated is a better way of looking at it

One in five Hongkongers may emigrate over political reform ruling | SCMP – no they won’t and the people who feel the most strongly about this are in the least good position to leave

Luxury brands in a quandary as China’s wealthy young develop resistance to bling | The Observer – picking Wendi Deng as an ambassador won’t do anything for their appeal to a Chinese market and they could have got more contemporary than Gong Li (gorgeous as she is)