Social media week & things from last week

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My week was dominated by Social Media Week. I got to see Battenhall’s opening presentation and catch up former colleagues from past agency and in-house lives. A lot of Social Media Week is useless, its like as if the industry doesn’t move on from the late 2000s. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to see Ogilvy’s presentation on Twitter cards, which look extremely useful. So will have to make do with Slideshare:

Twitter Card Master Class #SMWLDN from James Whatley

Twitter cards offer opportunities for marketing consent and building audiences. James Whatley’s presentation for Social Media Week covers the possibilities offered by Twitter cards really well. 

American rock band The Eagles are known for being extremely difficult and unpleasant. As I was once told, if you were a festival organiser and where offered stage four cancer or The Eagles – the cancer is preferable. Don Henley and Glenn Frey were allegedly horrible excuses for humanity. The world is reputedly better off now that Frey is dead, after a decade and half of being seriously ill.

For instance, it is impossible to clear samples or have their tracks played on television. David Letterman takes them to town. It absolutely destroys them. This clip was originally run in 2014, when Letterman was the host of The Late Show.

JJ Abrams reinvigoration of the Star Wars franchise includes a Millennium Falcon with a Batman tumbler easter egg

I love this advert for Hong Kong app / service GoGoVan; chock full of memes and Hong Kong cultural references.

Finally Slate wrote a great ode to the font Futura.