Life-changing events

I can vividly remember where I was and what I was doing when the airliners hit the world trade centre. It was a definite moment. Different generations had the same experience when England won the world cup, when president Kennedy was shot or when the Berlin wall fell.

Contrast this when the initial reports of Michael Jackson’s demise started to break. I didn’t have a definitive moment, since the source was online I had problems trying to verify the story, partly because of site problems with the source sites like TMZ and because of the slightly differing takes provided by the mainstream media. Watching the news has never been such hard work, I am not likely to know where I was when the next definitive moment happens because it is likely to take me a fair while to verify the event through multiple trusted sources.

Yang May Ooi documented her experience verifying the news here.

Steve’s back has had official confirmation that Steve has returned.


The official Apple statement: Steve is back to work. He’s currently at Apple a few days a week and working from home the remaining days. We are very glad to have him back.

Blogging versus lifestreaming

A few years ago blogging was king and yet now some of the leading bloggers such as Steve Rubel and Robert Scoble have moved to lifestreaming. Simply put lifestreaming is the online equivalent of Ginsberg’s stream of consciousness or being the star of your very own Truman Show. Many former bloggers think that lifestreaming is the new blogging but US PR commentator Louis Gray wrote a post (far more eloquently than I would) explaining why blogging is complementary to lifestreaming and provides the basis of a ‘good quality’ lifestream.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week

Links of the day

The Socialisation of Media / we are social

The moral of this article is that there is a social network for just about every demographic – Where to Network with White Supremacists

The Digital Generation Project | Edutopia

Conversationage : Are newspapers dying? Only if they don’t innovate. – David Ko marshals some interesting data together

Everything is FALSE – smart streetwear designs

SpinVox – iPhone visual voicemail vs SpinVox

iPhone 3GS: no longer O2 exclusive?

Interesting page over on the expansys site which I grabbed just now. They are selling what they describe as an Apple iPhone 3G S (EU, Black 32GB) which is: supplied network-unlocked, i.e. you can use this device with a SIM card from any UK or European GSM network (e.g. Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, etc.). 

iPhone unlocked

It is interesting that it is described as an EU or European model which they will have in stock on July 19. Apple have previously sold unlocked iPhone 3G devices in Hong Kong aimed at the wider Asian market.