Design: Marc Ecko Imperial Storm Trooper hooded top

imperial storm trooper Jpg

Thanks to Ian Wood for flagging up this work of genius from Marc Ecko. The designer who once tagged Air Force One now wants to sign you up for the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Storm Trooper. Taking its cue from the L-R-G ‘Dead Serious’ and DJ Nogi’s BAPE hoodies, the zip goes all the way up making the hood into a passable replica of the storm trooper helmet.

If you want to succumb to the dark side of the force, you can pick one up online here.

Links of the day

How to Persuade People With Subconscious Techniques – wikiHow

Apple Sells Unlocked 3G iPhone On Its Hong Kong Website – OMG 188 USD per month is an obscene amount for Hutchison to charge for its monthly tariff for the iPhone

Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman – while I have sympathy for some of what Mr Stallman says, his argument misses the point about the benefits of social software.  Open formats and APIs allow you to move from one service to another as needs must.

On the sofa: La Antena

La Antena is set in a city lives without a voice, its words appearing as visual speech bubbles. The one person who as a voice called ‘The Voice’ has no visible face. The city consumes media (the main food seems to be cookies which mirror the spiral logo of the and is controlled by its megalomaniac owner.

The media owner Mr TV has a secret plan to subjugate the citizens forever. Its up to a little girl and her family to stop his evil man from robbing the city of its words with the help of a radio transmitter and the blind boy next door. Stylistically La Antena borrows extensively from the golden age of cinema, I noticed visual cues from Metropolis, Things to Come and Nosferatu.

The film has a lush indie Hollywood film like Sin City, but was in fact made on a preverbial shoe string in Argentina.  It is the most entertaining world cinema film I have seen since Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046 (admittedly La Antena doesn’t have actors with the presence of Maggie Cheung, Gong Li or Tony Leung).

Links of the day

Oracle announces first hardware product –

Yahoo Opens R&D In Grenoble; UK Too Expensive, Too Few Engineers? | paidContent:UK – Is this an extension to the Kelkoo guys that used to be in Grenoble or somethig different (maybe to take advantage of the HP layoffs).

Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer | Channel Register – This was a shame, we lost a golden technological opportunity with Transmeta when it was crushed by the duopoly of AMD and Intel

Apple Store (HongKong) – iPhone 3G  – Apple store offering unlocked iPhones. About time, though you may not have the benefit of visual voicemail. It makes sense given Hong Kong’s role as the shopping mall for the Chinese middle class. Kind of like New York for Europe and American middle class destination shopper. Thanks to Cowboy Caleb for the heads up

Chinese Internet Slang & “Netspeak” – Authenticities – Edelman Digital

Social Networking Watch: Japan’s Online Social Scene Isn’t So Social

Jargon Watch: Micro-agency

Micro-agency: this is one that Jonathan Hopkins picked up that I came up with when talking about his agency Shed. It was a blatant steal on the concept of micro-brewery – a small brewing pilot-plant based business that competes in a niche, specialism or on quality with larger more-efficient brewing operations. To me the analogy for agencies was obvious, smaller and more dynamic than even a boutique agency, but bringing more to the table for clients than a freelancer with a good  tax accountant; the trick is picking out the micro-agencies from around the industry.

Creative Capital: Networking made easy…

Claudie and Tamara from Edge Thinking hosted a workshop on networking at The Hospital. Their top tips for networking were:

  • Be authentic
  • Be curious and a good listener
  • Be passionate about what you do and being able to express that passion clearly (What are you passionate about? Where does this passion come from?)
  • Spot opportunities to help and be helped (don’t be afraid to ask someone if they can introduce you to someone who can help)
  • Connect people (connect people that you know, whom you think may make a great match)
  • Pre-event visualisation of what you wanted to achieve, kind of like what professional skiers do before going down a slalom run
  • Be aware that networking can have a long payback time or by a circuitous route (karma doesn’t move in a straight line)
  • Be sure to follow-up, even if you have left it too late, apologise and follow-up anyway

Useful questions to have:

What are you most proud of?

Who would be useful for you to meet/ connect with?

Links of the day

TechnoKimchi :: Power of tools. Does it apply to Asian work culture?

CNNIC: China’s Internet Will Be Short Of IP Addresses Soon –

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Door Number Three | PBS

$2 Billion Valuation Reported for Russian Blog and Email Portal – ReadWriteWe

Staff web 2.0 skills can boost work productivity –

China market: Web-based games growing fast

Is Yahoo Trying To Sell Yahoo Answers? – the value is not only about the quantity of the audience and content, but also the value of the audience and the content. Not convinced its that valuable myself, why would you buy inventory aimed at time-rich, cash-poor consumers and how much value would you put on them?

CrunchGear » Archive » Sharp builds the world’s first mobile phone with built-in car key – I am sure there is lots of downsides with this concept but it makes as much sense as mobile phone Oystercard and credit card that Nokia has ou

3 Tools to Generate and Manage Keyword Phases

GM Cuts Digital Budget, Super Bowl And Begs For A Saviour – AgencySpy

MediaPost Publications – Despite What Google Says, Flash, Dupe Content And URLs Are Still Major SEO Issues – 09/24/2008

G1 is to iPhone What Linux is to Mac OS – Mashable – probably the most balanced assessment I have seen of the new T-Mobile Android phone to date.

87,000 possible combinations

87,000 possible combinations, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

I wonder is there a Starbucks long tail? Mass customisation has gone mainstream.

Jargon Watch: Engraviti

I picked this one up at the V&A Fashion v Sport exhibition which I found to be very underwhelming. One of the sportwear customisers featured was I-SAW who specialise in using a rotary engraver to put fine patterns on to sneakers. The call this process engraviti from engraving and graffitik, in honour the engraver they use in replace of a spray can. You can find out more at I-SAW from their blog.

Vindigo blue

vindigo-5.jpg, originally uploaded by finitor.

I noticed in news coverage this evening that Vindigo had closed up shop. I first ran into them when the agency that I worked for launched their London guide. The software ran on Palm PDAs in glorious monochrome.

In terms of functionality the software provided recommendations on restaurants, clubs and bars (the play section in the picture), and shopping. It also had maps that provided point-to-point directions and was updated by syncing via serial port or USB connected cradle.

This was back in 2000, way before Google Mobile and GPS chips in everything. Palm was still a respectable technology company and the internet was going to change everyone’s lives but we just weren’t sure about the business model yet.

Ignoring the personal information management software that comes as standard on a Palm for the moment, AvantGo (a kind of pre-RSS mobile newsreader) and Vindigo were the essential software that I carried on my PDA.

Links of the day

George F. Colony: Forrester: mild tech slowdown ahead – I am hoping for something more severe to spur creativity and new ways of looking at things.

A First-timer’s Tips for Networking in Silicon Valley – GigaOM

ECONOMIST CHINA BRANDING ROUNDTABLE: Brands Adjust Strategy in a Changing Marketplace

History of NYC’s internet community by Fred Wilson. – Boing Boing

FORD parabeniza a GM – “Happy 100 GM” – SimViral – Ford spelling Happy 100 GM for GM’s 100th birthday on the Ford headquarters building was a nice way of inserting itself into the real-world conversation. Its also a timely reminder that social media thinking doesn’t stop at the browser

Radical change for Goldman and Morgan

Digital Domain – Why the Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Is Nothing to Fear – – interesting analysis on the Google – Yahoo! advertising deal

Digital World Tokyo | Wiimote mashup with Google Maps creates Tokyo jogging sim – this is amazingly cool

Microsoft hires social-net scholar Danah Boyd | The Social – CNET News – Best known for her comparisons of MySpace and Facebook users, Boyd is wrapping up her doctorate at UC Berkeley before heading to Microsoft’s new Boston-area research facility. Read this blog post by Caroline McCarthy on The Social. This is big news as Microsoft has managed to land one of the biggest fish in social software. danah is super smart and I look forward to hearing about her future work

State of the Blogosphere 2008: Technorati Numbers Indicate Blogging Is Niche and Slowing – ReadWriteWeb

The Real Reason Wireless Broadband Costs More, for Less – GigaOm

Oprah Time: cultures@siliconvalley by J. A. English-Lueck

Most of the books on Silicon Valley are history of earning obscene riches, outrageous egos or technological daring-do. cultures@siliconvalley looks at the people who make up Silicon Valley, their cultural differences and how this global cocktail makes a small strip of Northern California so special.

It gives good insight into how technology clients think and the kind of pressures that they are under.

Probably the handiest part of the  book is understanding the Silicon Valley residents motivations around their use of technology. Since Silicon Valley is partly about living in the future, so the residents reactions are a useful guide for helping to understand audiences interaction with social media.

Links of the day

Minimalist Fitness II: Yardwork Workouts, Prisoner Workout and Other Non-traditional Exercises | Zen Habits

Design: Opening Ceremony vs Wong Kar Wai at Oki-Ni

Wong Kar Wai vs Opening Ceremony

Oki-Ni have a range of t-shirts and postcards in that Opening Ceremony have published based on photographs by Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wai. The pictures celebrate Mr Wong’s latest film My Blueberry Nights. The pictures were taken when the director was scouting locations for the film. You can get hold of the full range here, I recommend that you have a look as my screen grab doesn’t do justice to the photography on the front of the shirts.