Yo! Homes

The founder of Yo! Sushi has showcased a way of using space more efficiently that looks like it, like sushi is borrowed from the east.

It reminded me a lot of Gary Chang’s adaptive apartment from a few years ago. Chang was working with 327 square feet rather than the 800 square feet space mentioned in the Yo! Home video. Check it out:

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China Mall Developers – Time to Shop Around – China Real Time Report – WSJ

How PRWeb Helps Distribute Crap Into Google & News Sites

Price comparison: How much groceries cost in Hong Kong, Beijing and London | South China Morning Post

PRWeb Statement on Fraudulent ICOA Press Release – Blogging PRWeb – a tough place for PRWeb to be I feel for them

Yahoo’s Ad Sell-Through Rate on its Log-in Page Has Plummeted | Advertising Age

MUJI LIFE CHECK IN for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – great example of the web of no web using a locative gaming mechanism used to drive bricks and mortar retail

Ericsson’s massive mobile report: 6.4B global cellular plans, 75% of all new phones in Asia and Africa | VentureBeat

Audio and Video Streaming in focus – Exclusive Nielsen white paper

Black Friday Saw Online Retail Traffic Jump 60% Year-Over-Year | WebProNews

Why ‘slow light’ might just save the Internet • The Register

Hong Kong’s vanishing mojo | South China Morning Post – rise of China changes perception of where Hong Kong stands in things

TVB shelves HK$50m plan for international channel | South China Morning Post

Skills Don’t Pay the Bills – NYTimes.com – gap in expectations, in a social contract

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set – digital record labels trying to make premium analogue money need to manage the quality control much better

Just bought an Apple product? Need support NOW? Drop an F-BOMB • The Register – deep learning or machine intelligence depending what label you like at work

Nokia’s imaging chief makes surprise exit • The Register

Schneier on Security: E-Mail Security in the Wake of Petraeus – interesting debate which boils back down to don’t write anything you wouldn’t anyone else see if it was made public

Agencies, media & digital companies: Your sales pitch sucks, Advertising – interesting common-sense perspective from a marketer at Dell

The Conservative Turn Against Science – The Chronicle Review

Dotcom: We’ve hit the jackpot – National – NZ Herald News – more legal twists and turns

Facebook makes it official — an external advertising network is coming soon — GigaOM – if this is just an ad network it could make for interesting behavioural advertising and potentially dial up relevance. If it is part of their search offering then things really take off

TECHNOLOGY REPORT » Blue Brain Project Update

Scientists See Advances in Deep Learning, a Part of Artificial Intelligence – NYTimes.com – artificial intelligence gets another 15 minutes of fame

@tomiahonen on augmented reality

Interesting take on augmented reality and how it fits in the media spectrum. Ahonen’s assumption that mobile internet and internet are different goes against the development movement towards responsive site design and mobile-first web development.

Some interesting examples of augmented reality usage. I suspect that there two big challenges:

  • Advertising creative that isn’t sufficiently entertaining or useful
  • Battery life of the smartphone

Ahonen’s take on waves of media:

  1. Print
  2. Recordings
  3. Cinema
  4. Radio
  5. Television
  6. Internet
  7. Mobile
  8. Augmented reality – which is more of a mash-up of the other data overlaid on our world with probably some locative data thrown in for additional context

Handling international content programmes

We were having a discussion in the team about the various different approaches to addressing audiences in different languages. Should we have different accounts, should we put multiple language translations in the one post?

But one approach we ruled out after looking around at a selection of different retail brands was using a machine translation service in lieu of English editorial content.
Despite all the discussions about deep learning there is still a way to go for mainstream solutions.

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Delayed for a few different reasons including a trip half-way around the world, jet-lag and starting a new role. The things that have made my week were:

  • My Mum and Dad who have been helping me with the move, despite their own misgivings of me not being in Ireland instead
  • My colleague Zaheer Noorudin who took me for the best curry I have had in a long time
  • My former colleagues at Ruder Finn who gave me an iTunes voucher as a going away present. Eminently practical when visiting a space-challenged place like Hong Kong, I used it to provide a better viewing option than Cathay Pacific’s CX Studio. I managed to get my way through Margin Call and the 30th anniversary edition of Blade Runner, both of which I would highly recommend

Margin Call trailer on YouTube:

Margin Call trailer on Tudou:

  • Watch brands have finally got on the lived in look judging by Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay diving watch. I particularly liked the idea of Tudor engineering a NATO strap just for the watch with a proper Tudor buckle Ok, so it isn’t a Rolex, but these ideas could be a laboratory for future Rolex variants, especially given how the brand has tolerated (if not collaborated with the Bamforth Watch Department)
  • I have been listening to a lot of 80s electronica this week, this mix by Panama is a good idea of the kind of stuff that caught my ear

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Social gaming most popular among women: Spiral Media – Campaign Asia-Pacific – not surprising

Financial Times’ German offshoot to close – RTÉ News – the brand was wrong for Germany

How the Internet is Shaping Our “Global Brain” -Harvard Business Review

Apple’s journaling system for iOS makes geotagging a system-wide feature

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings On Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Challenges – AllThingsD

P&G’s market share drops, employees depart in China|WantChinaTimes.com

Xiaomi may exit the smartphone market in one year|WantChinaTimes.com

U.S. Kids Continue to Look Forward to “iHoliday” | Nielsen Wire – interesting that 13+ years old kids have a lower predisposition to buy Apple products than tweens

UK government is going headlong for internet filtering- The Inquirer – for a government that abhorred the ‘nanny state’ of the previous administration, this seems like a retrograde step. It also sends out the wrong message about the UK in terms of values

H.P. Takes Big Hit on ‘Accounting Improprieties’ at Autonomy – NYTimes.com – HP can’t seem to catch a break, if the allegations are true it could also adversely affect the UK’s reputation for start-ups – having more in common with SpinVox than ARM

Chinese Billionaire Spends $130 Million To Make A “Hollywood-Style” 3D Movie (Video) » M.I.C. Gadget – it looks like first steps, its what’s next that will be of interest

Chinese condom brand recruits female ‘testers’|WantChinaTimes.com – I suspect that this is a great buzz marketing ploy

Jobs Guru Spills Secrets About Older Workers | TIME.com – skills rather than experience is what sells

More than half of Brits vote to ditch the EU – Quartz – and trade with who exactly? Burnt EU countries may not play nicely with the UK as part of wider looser relationships, also likely to impact UK financial services sector further

Facebook to launch advertising ROI tool – Marketing magazine – dealing with perception gap and marketing manager concerns

Trevor Jackson on the creative process

Stüssy have lined up sleeve designer and producer Trevor Jackson up for a future collaboration. In this video he talks about creativity and some of the truisms that affect creativity and the quality of work.

Video is on Vimeo so may not be available to all readers.

Uptight German car brand makes quality anime

Mercedes-Benz Japan has released an advert for the 2013 A-Series that channels anime such as Redline and Speed Racer in this 30-second spot. I am hoping for a feature length version or an Akira remake featuring Kenada Shotaro behind the wheel of an Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Mansory Cormeum…

The video is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.

Google+ and SEO

Social and search. How Google+ is trying to deal with what Eckhart Walther termed the ‘tyranny of the minority‘ and what it means to your web presence.

Social search isn’t new, it’s how Yahoo! was trying to combat Google during the mid-noughties when I was there by integrating social bookmarking results and profiles into the search mix.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Cisco Acquires Enterprise Wi-Fi Startup Meraki For $1.2 Billion In Cash | TechCrunch

Chart Focus: Why bad multiples happen to good companies

Online behavioural advertising: OFT investigates personalised pricing based on consumer online tracking

Creative Review – Vintage billboards – great to look at for inspiration

Twitter prosecutions: Nature not reach of Twitter messages should determine whether prosecutions should be pursued, expert advises Keir Starmer

Facebook Pages: Why I don’t like Nest thermostat or anything else anymore. | Nathan Kontny

Albion opens doors to PR and social agency – Brand Republic News

Pinterest Takes a Step Towards Making Money by Inviting Businesses to Join – Technology – The Atlantic Wire – finally formal brand page offering

Is Siri really Apple’s future? « counternotions

Steve Ballmer: Android Ecosystem Is Wild And Uncontrolled, Apple Is High Priced And Highly Controlled | TechCrunch – but will it be Nokia filling the gap?

Panasonic prepares for garage sale, to axe 10,000 jobs | Reuters

Stewart Butterfield’s Glitch Is Closing – Business Insider – sad as the concept was great

Drone pilots too bored, MIT study suggests – First world problem revealed in lab simulation | TechEye

Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb • The Register

Apps on Facebook.com – Facebook Developers

The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works – comScore, Inc

Shifting US Demographics Influence Electoral Strategies – SPIEGEL ONLINE

US military invests in 3D printing on the frontline

Minding The (Apple)Store | Monday Note – it reminds me of the lack of attention that Rank Leisure and most restaurants pay to noise level. However in cultures where noise, hustle and bustle are part of the experience, this maybe just the ticket

Ofcom sets UK 4G auction plans: Submissions by December 11, bidding in January and rollout in May/June 2013 – The Next Web – will the UK government get the auction prices they want? I doubt it

Minding the store | asymco – how retail experience is part of the dialogue with the customer rather than just a channel

Journey to the East

Earlier today The Holmes Report ran a brief article announcing my move from Ruder Finn in London to Burson-Marsteller in Hong Kong. Arun summed up things quite nicely so I have linked to his piece and let that say everything that needs to be said.

My various different social media outlets including my twitter feed, this blog and my contributions to PR Week UK will continue. There are a couple of other things bubbling under as well; more on those as they come closer to fruition.

Thank you to all of you who got in contact via Facebook, email and Twitter after the news broke.

I look forward to meeting new people in Hong Kong who are doing interesting things in the digital and interactive space, if you would like to meet up feel free to contact me.

More information:
Ged Carroll Departs Ruder Finn For Burson-Marsteller Hong Kong – The Holmes Report

If you are thinking about making a similar move I can recommend David Brain’s posts from a few years ago:
Go East Young Man (or Woman) – Sixty Second View
Go East Young Man (Or Woman) Part 2 – Sixty Second View

Jargon watch: zombie firm

I was reading City A.M. and came across the term zombie firm. This meant a company that only earns enough profit to pay off borrowings at low interest rates rather than providing a healthy return to its shareholders.

More information
50,000 zombie firms to fail if rates rise – City A.M.

Negotiating stratagems

My colleague Becky founded and runs a group for Mums who work in media and marketing. They ran a session the other day on negotiation and flexible working.


M3 Marketing Group session on negotiation

Storified by Gearóid Ged Carroll · Tue, Nov 13 2012 08:56:40

Is a great group of people @JBurns82. Heard about it via @bmcmichael and recommend checking out their FB page -search M3 cc @m3crowd #m3negRachel Miller
Some great case studies in @jesschivers book Mothers Work #m3negmarketingmediamums
Negotiation: tell your company you want to come back. Be positive about it and at start of negotiation. Dont assume it won’t work. #m3negmarketingmediamums
Negotiating pay: "when you’ve had a baby, believe your time is worth more not leas sous in how much it is worth to leave yr kids" #m3negmarketingmediamums
Discuss your proposal and be prepared to negotiate, know your deal breakers #m3negmarketingmediamums
Negotiation: policies change, suggest why it is outdated or could be interpreted differently #m3negmarketingmediamums
Negotiation: separate what you NEED from what you’d LIKE #m3neg @jesschiversmarketingmediamums
Listening to @jesschivers talking through negotiating tactics @m3crowd #m3neg http://pic.twitter.com/OHA41paiRachel Miller
How to pitch flexible working: is there a policy? Consider boss’ perspective. Seek support/allies. Create a solution to a biz prob. #m3negmarketingmediamums
Negotiation: don’t set a trend of under valuing yourself #m3negmarketingmediamums
Negotiation: what is your value? How much is it worth? @jesschivers #m3negmarketingmediamums
Tips for negotiation: your success is not a fluke, you can do it again! #m3neg @jesschiversmarketingmediamums
Tips for negotiation: take a calculated risk #m3neg even if it doesn’t succeed, you have chance to talk about yr results an achievementsmarketingmediamums
Tips for negotiation: balance humility with promoting results – by proxy you promote yourself #m3negmarketingmediamums
Tips for negotiation: ask, do yr research, promote your results not yourself, benchmark #m3negmarketingmediamums
Some companies seem to have a strong history of making women on mat leave redundant #m3negmarketingmediamums
Why do others’ perceptions matter when we are negotiating? Why do women accept the first offer so often? #m3negmarketingmediamums
Women wait to be noticed and results recognised #m3negmarketingmediamums
Do women feel too grateful for any flexible working granted to negotiate anything further ? #m3negmarketingmediamums
As you get older, negotiation gets harder #m3negmarketingmediamums
Presenteeism and measuring output still a big failing #m3negmarketingmediamums
Flexible Working means much more than a reduction in hours #m3negmarketingmediamums
Men nine times more likely to ask for finance than women #m3neg @jesschiversmarketingmediamums
Ask. If you don’t you definitely won’t get #m3negmarketingmediamums
Looking at salary gap between men an women and link with negotiation skills #m3negmarketingmediamums
M3 #m3neg about to start so Miss M is chatting with guest speaker @jesschivers cc @m3crowd http://pic.twitter.com/zZQSEQeERachel Miller
With the @m3crowd talking kick ass negotiation….#m3negmichelle goodall
Our event on negotiation for working mums is about to start @Econsultancy hash tag is #m3negmarketingmediamums

Whilst this is very female-orientated, there is a lot of useful stuff here for men as well. Flexible working isn’t just about being a Mum.

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Five handy Pinterest tools to help you measure success | Econsultancy

How to Watch Hulu Videos Outside the U.S.

Three Mac apps to help you self publish your book — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

Exclusive: Worried Germany seeks study on French economy – sources | Reuters

NEWSPAPER ABCs: The Sun descends as i motors past 300,000 copies – Media Week

Global brands set higher price for products sold in China|WantChinaTimes.com – combination of taxes and pricing strategy

Japanese Gadget Makers Need A Miracle – Business Insider – make products more fun or more desirable

Apple’s design problems aren’t skeuomorphic « counternotions

How to Grow a Facebook Page in an Edgerank World | Tots 100

7 Navy SEALs disciplined for role with video game – CBS News

Apple Invents Very Cool Next-Gen Dual Mode Headphones! – Patently Apple – is it just me or do these look like a typical pair of DJ headphones?

Microsoft’s Midori operating-system skunkworks project soldiers on | ZDNet

ARM CEO Warren East Says Mobile Chips Will Move into Energy-Efficient Desktops, Laptops, and Servers. | MIT Technology Review – computing power per watt

V Perspective: 寫英文無前途?The End of English Language in HK?

how to easily delete your online accounts | accountkiller.com

Samsung Chip Factory Reportedly On Hold – WSJ – if it is Apple related, interesting that Samsung phones wouldn’t pick up the slack in demand? Is is more economic outlook related?

McClureMusic.com | Sony Japan domestic catalog finally on iTunes