Occupy Hong Kong and the rise of social concern

If you had seen the ragtag nature of the Occupy protests in the UK, the orderly city tents underneath the HSBC building Hong Kong looks genteel by comparison.
Occupy Hong Kong
It seems to be part of a wider social concern springing up there which manifests itself in concern about local independent shops, the power of supermarkets and the excess produce thrown away by supermarkets that could have been beneficial to the less fortunate in Hong Kong society.
More information
Hong Kong: are you a friend of the earth? Not if you shop at a supermarket – Jessie Tao’s blog

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Cap on copyright term for industrially processed designs to be lifted, Government proposes

Spotlight turns on Hong Kong graft agency – FT.com – (paywall) the ICAC is the jewel in the crown of Hong Kong. It is unfortunate that there isn’t a similarly robust service to fight corruption and graft in other countries like the UK and Ireland – we wouldn’t have needed the Mahon and Leveson investigations

China’s Tencent Invests CNY400 Million In South Korean Mobile Chat Application – ChinaTechNews.com – this is an interesting move as Tencent is also the owner of Weichat. Is there a potential conflict of interest or will we see a super champion that could contest with the likes of Skype or AOL instant messenger?

Google Apps and security

Those of you interested in cloud computing would have noticed that Google Apps has earned ISO27001 certification for information security, which is a counterpoint to concerns about the secure nature of web services. Admittedly there are some who could point to flaws in the ISO27001 standard from an information security standpoint – but it is an independent standard and so is as handy a benchmark as any.

However, there is some aspects of this news that need to be reflected on. The certification only covers the paid-for business offering, not the consumer accounts that you may use to share editorial calenders with clients or your average email account that gets hacked by state actors.  This limited certification of services in itself is a tacit admission of the insecurity of Google consumer products which are used by many knowledge workers – your author included.

More information
Google Apps receives ISO 27001 certification – Official Google Enterprise Blog

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How Big Tech Companies Keep Quiet on Big News – comments on measured value of PR (ie: not very valuable) are interesting

Why Microsoft Killed Windows LiveIt’s basically admitting that “Windows Live” branded products cannot compete with Facebook, Twitter and other successful online services. (So why did Microsoft launch a new social network this month, named So.cl? Yes, exactly…)

Even though this is an admission of defeat in the battlefield that is the Web, Microsoft still has some very successful Web properties. Hotmail and Messenger were singled out by Chris Jones as market-leading web products


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Aged Windows XP costs 5x more to manage than Windows 7

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QRcodes in luxury marketing | 在奢侈品营销中的QR码

QRcodes give advertisers the opportunities to be creative in the ‘noise’ through minimising the data enclosed (for instance using a URL shortener) and careful positioning of the data within the square.
Swiss luxury watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre uses some carefully placed watch components in their QRcode and the complexity of QRcodes to human eyes (rather like the visual complexity of a watch movement). It was a subtle understated modification of a QRcode that fitted right in with the brand.

More information
Want to build a creative QRcode? QArt Coder is a good place to start

Larry Page on the way Google views the future

Larry Page did a fifteen-minute talk at Google’s Zeitgeist conference in London. Many of the usual suspects appeared in terms of Google’s strategy:


  • Google+ is about helping to improve context like people based on a social graph
  • Knowledge panels is about improving context around information – the kind of questions that kids would have would do particularly well on this
  • Search is ‘about taking actions‘ which is even more important on mobile – a tacit acknowledgement that Siri was going the right way
  • Android was developed because Google found it hard to develop for a multiplicity of other platforms and form factors in mobile – having to deal with over 200 different devices. It’s ironic then that some Android devices
  • Where to focus the big bets: the tooth brush test – do you use it as often as your toothbrush (at least twice-a-day) – high customer touch products, monetisation gets worked out later
  • YouTube – doubled revenue every year for the past four years
  • A healthy disregard for the impossible

The video of the talk is on YouTube, so it may not be available to all readers.

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

I’m travelling back from Manchester as this hits my blog, here are five things that made my week:

  • The weather, like ‘what the frak?’ as they’d say on Battle Star Galactica; we’re did that heat, sunshine and smog come from?
  • Transport for London in a bad way for an almost two journey into work on Thursday. If I was LOCOG I would be bricking myself about the state public transport infrastructure in London
  • Salesforce.com for the invite to their Cloudforce event in London. I was really impressed by the work that they are doing with Activision
  • A new Japanese blog I started following this week: Mystery Points written by uirahariu
  • Bump‘s new application which allows easy transfer of files from the mobile device to the desktop. A really nice elegant idea that belies the complex technology underneath

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London Olympics Protesters Suspended From Twitter | WebProNews – as it if isn’t good enough that LOCOG gets carte blanche to screw over London for two months, its now stamping on free speech

Failure to launch: Why Sony never got AirBoard off the ground – costs mostly. It reminds me of the surfing analogy that Bob Cringely used in his Accidental Empires book

Social media in India

Transfer Photos From Your Phone To Desktop With A Quick Bump | WebProNews – really elegant idea that simplifies the complex technology happening beneath the surface

CPG Study: Online Ad Campaigns Using Purchaser Data Nearly Triples ROI | Nielsen Wire

Thinking beyond the limitations of Network Thinking

Social Media Has Greater Influence on Chinese Purchasing Decisions | China Internet Watch

Google wins: Jury finds it not guilty of infringing Oracle’s patents | VentureBeat

NHK, Panasonic Introduce 145-inch Super-high Vision PDP — Tech-On!

iPhone Camera Provides Live Image to Car Navigation System — Tech-On! – interesting idea, Pioneer are looking to use a HUD to have a similar effect

Four Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Care If Facebook Wins The Social Media Wars – AllFacebook

Matt Cutts: Here’s How To Expose Your Competitors’ Black Hat SEO Practices | WebProNews

Google+ wants to be your new Flickr | VentureBeat not likely to happen whilst I have 1000s of photos on Flickr, use it for my blog image hosting service and Google+ doesn’t offer similar things cheaper. Also Flickr’s APIs continue to enjoy developer usage

Kleiner investors blindsided by discrimination suit – Fortune

Hong Kong estate agencies changing the way they measure flat sizes | SCMP.com (pay wall)

Mobile-review.com Spillikins №166. Nokia Loses The Crown to Samsung, The New Number One

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s The Inside Story Of What Happened On The Facebook IPO – Business Insider

Kleiner Perkins Sued By Partner Ellen Pao, Alleging Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination | TechCrunch

Jargon watch: pink collar

The New York Times ran a feature on how men were starting to take jobs in traditionally female sectors because these jobs offered relative stability, better pay and more opportunities than many traditional male job roles. These traditional female roles were called pink collar roles, in a nod to the ‘blue collar’ roles of the traditional skilled and semi-skilled working class occupations. The research cited by The New York Times came from the US Census Bureau and the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota.

More information
Minnesota Population Center (MPC) at the Univerity of Minnesota
More Men Enter Fields Dominated by Women – New York Times (paywall)

Will Yahoo!’s Axis gain share beyond curious digerati?

Yahoo! have released a browser for iPads  which has some innovative ideas in terms of the way it handles and displays search from the browser chrome. Quite apart from the fact that Yahoo! has had some business issues that have dominated coverage, is this user experience enough to move Yahoo! out of its older, poorer audience niche? Initial impressions of some commentators have been positive, I am less convinced of it as a breakout application:

  • It wouldn’t be that hard for others to replicate
  • Despite the user experience it is still at the mercy of Bing’s search quality
  • Even if it does work, Yahoo! will still struggle to monetise effectively, Microsoft’s search advertising offering has struggled to monetise advertising inventory as effectively as Yahoo!’s historic Panama platform; let alone Google

If it does break out, it would mean that:

  • Bing (which drives Yahoo! Search) would be more important for client sites
  • Content would need to be rethought to be more visual, and able to make an impact at the large thumbnail size Axis uses to display visual search

All of this is academic of course until sufficient consumers come on board to make Axis a viable client channel.

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Great presentation on big data

Parc Inc. put together a great presentation that talks about the challenges of big data including data quality, data categorisation and ambiguity within the data sets.

The presentation video is on Slideshare, so may not be available to all readers.

Activision’s customer service process on Salesforce.com

I went to Salesforce.com’s Cloudforce event in London’s Excel Centre. Salesforce.com transforms the enterprise technology space, but its marketing was a  distinctly old school technology marketing event which feels like it has some old-time religious revival fervour.

The demo that most impressed me was of Activision’s customer service, which was focused around a repository of customer information (which could be interrogated) to provide a seamless pragmatic multi-channel customer service response.

The power of being able to get product and business insight out of this data in addition to the customer service should not be under-estimated. This video is on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.

Gentlemen’s club image haunts VCs amongst industry transformation

Technology venture capitalists have been going through a lot of change since the dot.com bust, with disruptions to their model including start-ups needing less cash and Sarbanes Oxley suppressing the pipe line for early exits via an IPO. As innovation (ok web services) has become cheaper, it has attracted a wider range of entrepreneurs than bright (usually male) engineers with an idea. A new class of angel investor has filled some of the slots that venture capital firms would have traditionally filled.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is one of the cornerstones of Silicon Valley culture. Eugene Kleiner (the Kleiner in KPCB) was one of the traitorous eight who where responsible for much of the modern semiconductor industry as we know it. Venture capitalism like technology start-ups have traditionally been very male orientated environments have had to change as society and the companies that they fund change. Junior partner Ellen Pao is one of the most prominent women at KPCB with an impressive track record and range of qualifications.

News sources in the US published that Ms Pao had filed a sexual discrimination suit against the company with a number of allegations against a senior colleague. This has had reverberations throughout the industry:

  • KPCB is a flag carrier for the venture capital industry
  • Venture capital companies rolls are being questioned as there has been a flight of capital from ‘hard’ investments in areas of innovation like biotechnology and the next generation semiconductor technologies – which impacts negatively on the global competitiveness of the US
  • Venture capitalism already feels out of touch with the kind of start-ups that it looks to fund, stereotyped as a preppy gentleman’s club
  • Female entrepreneurs are less likely to want to work with KPCB limiting the company’s access to some of the hottest start-ups

What’s the PR opportunity?

The opportunity for PR agencies is to sell reputation repositioning to venture capital companies:

  • Making them look relevant
  • Positioning them as open, inclusive organisations

Venture capital companies have historically under-invested in brand building and marketing in general, so there maybe an education process required.

Archived from posts that I wrote for PR Week.