Luxury QRcodes

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Luxury QRcodes give advertisers the opportunities to be creative in the ‘noise’. This happens in two ways.

Luxury QRcodes increase the brand footprint, allowing for more brand salience

Luxury QRcodes allow for less copy on page, increasing the size of a visual advert and tagline. This allows the brand to better use the space for generating brand salience. The body copy can be on a website linked by the QRcode together with a call to action. For instance, purchase online through the website or find and book an appointment with a boutique. Both of which fit in with the wider luxury brand move to go vertical into retail. This allows them to own the consumer relationship rather than a multi-brand boutique like Harrods or Lane Crawford.

Luxury QRcodes can personify the brands

The second aspect to this is less noticeable to the casual observer. But carefully done QRcodes can personify the brand itself. The first thing that needs to be done is minimising the data enclosed (for instance using a URL shortener) in the QRcode. Then there is careful positioning of the data within the QRcode square. There were some online tools that used to help with this. The code for tools designed to do this is freely available. QRCode Monkey provides a simple version of this kind of capability.
A classic example of this approach to luxury QRcodes is Swiss luxury watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre.  JLC uses some carefully placed watch components in their QRcode and the complexity of QRcodes to human eyes (rather like the visual complexity of a watch movement). It was a subtle understated modification of a QRcode that fitted right in with the brand.

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