Salience overloads advertising

Reading Time: 4 minutes Salience is the buzz word of the moment in advertising circles. What is salience? According to Siri salience is a noun. It’s definition: the property of being particularly noticeable or important. Historically, when you tested an ad through the likes of Kantar. One of the attributes that an ad would be measured on is salience.… Continue reading Salience overloads advertising

Things that made my day this week

Reading Time: 2 minutes American infrastructure is critiqued in a Vice documentary. In order to make it fit for purpose there would cost $4 trillion. That’s the cost of a couple of Afghanistan conflicts. It is stunning how bad American infrastructure is. The video is well worth watching in a grimly fascinating kind of way. Before Vin Diesel was… Continue reading Things that made my day this week

ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tablet demand in China gaining momentum from epidemic | DigiTimes – compared to global demand drop of 20% predicted for tablet computers. This is a fascinating change. Any explanation of this tablet demand is just a hypothesis. My own guess is . More tablet computer related posts here. Great mix by Andy Weatherall. It is… Continue reading ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서