Anatomy of a fan

One of my colleagues was telling me about how their son was involved in the grime scene (funnily enough what Detroit was to soul music, my current neighbourhood of Bow is to the grime scene, but we digress). Like most teenagers he had some friends who were at best aimless if not a bad influence […]

Debenhams storefront displays and web design

I found out about Debenhams window display on Oxford Street from a friend who was fascinated by them. Once I had got over the original oohs and aarghs I was curious to find out how they had done it. When I was a child, shop windows with animatronic displays were custom-made and fragile like a […]

Links of the day

Social Networking Watch: Online Video Not Killing TV, Says Nielsen – I heard similar data from a Mediacom person at a conference I attended during the summer Find An Electrician – NICEIC 9 Google Bookmarklets for SEOs Drew B’s take on tech PR: “You’re doing it wrong: Motorola astroturfs just about everyone” Beware the Harley […]

29 not-very-technical things that every PR person should know

Unashamedly inspired by 25 Not Very Technical Things Journalists Should Know, I thought about the not very technical things that PROs should know. When I first started thinking about this piece, it was more to do with the gaining momentum of digital techniques, but given a recent PR Week article citing a report that claimed […]

Integrated thinking

I have been thinking a lot about James Warren’s essay on inline PR for PR Week’s digital essay’s supplement, which in its breaking down of silo-ed online and offline campaigns mirrors my own thoughts on marketing and the development of the ‘web-of-no-web’. I won’t repeat James’ essay you can go over to his blog and […]