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How to Sing Karaoke With Confidence – wikiHow – to me karaoke is up there with water boarding, however if you want to bond with co-workers and friends in Asia karaoke is a necessary evil. My personal recommendation if you are asked to do karaoke is California Dreaming by the Mamas and the Papas


Mark Zuckerberg: Why Facebook is still hiring – interesting analysis of the Facebook business at present

Mary Meeker’s Entire Bummer PowerPoint on Her Internet Outlook | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD – more related content here

FT.com / Home UK / UK – No space wasted in the Velcro workplace of the future – the unspoken narrative here is that integrated marketing is the way forward, the PR agency in its traditional form is moribund, which is one of the reasons why Edelman took the opportunity to change their work environment when they moved into their Victoria offices earlier this year. Will this break down practice fifedoms?


Beijing Word of Mouth City Guide China – Beijing Restaurants, Bars, Shopping & Nightlife in Beijing


Ford F150 Raptor | Ford Vehiclesreal men drive Unimogs, but if you’re a hairstylist then Ford’s F150 Raptor maybe just the thing for you. A low centre of gravity, decent tires and a paint job that looks the customers from an Essex tanning salon. Lovely.

How to

High quality YouTube video hack

Web Design Toolbox: 130+ New Tools to Make You a Better and Faster Designer


Online PR – PushON blog  – PR 101 for digital agencies

Hitwise Intelligence – In tough times, in brands we trust! – Asia Pac trends towards trusted ‘bricks and mortar’ brands over pure play online brands in Hitwise traffic, sign of economic times?

What it means for PR – op-ed on the Russell Brand / Jonathan Ross debacle at the BBC.

Hitwise Intelligence – Bill Tancer – US: Guest Post – Sizing Up the Long Tail of Search


Plus Eight Star | Presentation on Mobile Internet


NYLVI: Your Place For Vinyl: Buy & sell records, explore music scenes
– like Netsoundsmusic but very cool design

Mens Underwear and Male Underwear from Sunspel – really nice plain t-shirts.

National Geographic Store Opens in London, Offers Self-DNA Sampling | PSFK – Trends, Ideas & Inspiration – I must go along to see this

Plastered T-shirts, Beijing’s Original T-shirt Brand – cool kitsch t-shirts

Welcome to Rough Trade Shops


Handset OS market shares shifting – RCR Wireless News


Saving Bletchley Park | Welcome – campaign to save the UK’s contribution to modern computing