I like: Stüssy World Tribe Tokyo Meeting

Classic James Lebon production from 1991 with all the usual suspects including Alex ‘Baby’ Turnbull (of Ronin Records and 23Skidoo fame) and Hiroshi Fujiwara (Major Force Records and Fragment Design).

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Yoshida in NY: Sony snaps out of NIH syndrome – the interesting aspect of this is that games developers really didn’t like massively parallel systems for programming, the challenge will be how to be innovative when trying to be partner-centric

Martin Sorrell on What’s Next – Harvard Business Review

Samsung’s Heft in Android Worries Google – WSJ.com – market power could go away from Google to Samsung

Marketing, DKNY’s “theft” caught on Facebook | Market-interactive.com

Framebase • The best programmers are the quickest to Google

NPR News Apps | How to build a news app that never goes down and costs you practically nothing

Why Consumers May Be On Crash Course – consumers are clipping coupons at a rate not seen since before the 2007 recession.

Interflora SEO Penalty Analysis 2013 – Martin MacDonald

Samsung’s Ill-Conceived Apple VoiceOver Suit Stayed in Germany – AllThingsD – the ramifications for Samsung’s reputation are interesting

Bits v. Bytes: Follow the money | asymco

Mindshare – The Global Media Network – Vine, Video Sharing by Twitter

Samsung finally folding Bada OS into Tizen | The Verge – interesting move given that Tizen is a more fully-featured operating system and Bada was aimed at more downmarket phones

Apple, Samsung patent hearing ‘unprecedented’ in Australia – consolidated charges, the thing that surprises me is why they are fighting so hard over a small market like Australia?

Mozilla previews Firefox OS with four phone makers and 18 operators onboard – Computerworld – looks like taking a second run at WebOS type eco-system a la Palm

BBC News – North Sea oil investment at 30-year high, industry says

Digital Media Strategies: Dennis Publishing and New Scientist on evolving consumer publishing | TheMediaBriefing – interesting how Dennis was moving away from InDesign

New Anti-Piracy System to Hit U.S. Internet Users on Monday

Facebook’s new search struggles with the real world | The Verge

2013 Digital Future in Focus Series – comScore, Inc – they also have a series of webinars to present the data as well

I like: Chicken Cottage t-shirt

This subversion of the classic Chanel crossed-c logo by associating it with Chicken Cottage, a familar brand on the high street of neighbourhoods in south and east London.
Chicken Cottage
It reminded me of the t-shirts sported at raves that subverted brands, but for the dubstep generation.

More information
Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City By Richard Brook, Dr. Nick Dunn
CC-Tees (unfortunately sold out)

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The loss of Britain’s triple A credit rating won’t make much difference | Left Foot Forward

Study Shows iPhone 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones

“Physically Together”: Here’s the Internal YHOO No-Work-From-Home Memo | AllThingsD – I could see a post coming on from Becky McMichael about the benefits of remote working and flexible hours etc etc

The Cover Art to Watchmen No. 1 Sells for Over $150K | Wired.com

Twitter Now Reducing Some Tweets To 117 Characters

Is Excel the most dangerous piece of software in the world? – funnily enough this echoes the introduction to Robert X Cringely’s Accidental Empires

The shadow power list | The New Stateman – an interesting list of UK power brokers

I like: Canon at London Fashion Week

Canon did some nice activities at London Fashion week to highlight their brand and talk about the EOS M – which is their answer to the mirrorless cameras with interchangable lenses built around the micro four thirds standard.

The micro four thirds standard blurs the product differentiation between point-and-shoot cameras and entry-level digital SLR cameras.

Combining fashion bloggers with the passion of photography was a smart move; a nice PR campaign which I imagine involved a lot of work to achieve the high production values of the content.

More information
EOS M hands-on preview  | Digital Photography Review
Canon Celebrates the Power of Image in Fashion | Canon press room on RealWire

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The New Multi-Screen World | Think with Google – the decline of print media

Using social media monitoring for market research | Econsultancy

Google Looks to Make Its Computer Glasses Stylish – NYTimes.com – interesting design challenges for both wearable computing and digital health / quantified self

Yorkshire invests to consolidate M&As – FT.com – interesting contrarian position to spur growth

Derek Powazek – Why I Blocked You on Twitter, A Compilation

PrivCo | LIVINGSOCIAL $110M Debt Infusion From Existing Investors With Oppressive Terms – I wonder what implications this will have for GroupOn

Introducing Sky Movies Disney – the home of new and classic Disney movies

4G shortfall raises questions over Osborne’s deficit pledge | Westminster blog

10 Essentials for Social Media in 2013, part 1 | Edelman Digital

With PlayStation 4, Sony Aims for Return to Glory – NYTimes.com

100 frequently used digital marketing acronyms | Econsultancy

MIT Technology Review’s List of 50 Disruptive Companies for 2013 | MIT Technology Review

What baristas tell us about the power of marketing (and PR)

The Guardian ran a piece on why over 1,700 people applied for eight roles as baristas with Costa Coffee in Nottingham. The article delves into how the coffee industry has grown and how a generally poorly paid service job has acquired a certain cache. What the article neglected to say was that this is as much about the power of marketing. Coffee culture as made mass-market by Starbucks managed to move the consumer away from the diner (or Dunkin Donuts) cup of joe in the US into a more refined experience. The third space is a sign of being middle class or a ‘creative’ in fast developing economies like China. It is amazing how in the space of a few years in London the modern coffee shop became an embedded part of my own life.

Being attached to this phenomena has also given the workers in these stores a bit of cache rather than being seen as a ‘mcjob’ the term coined to deride fast food restaurant work. This couldn’t have been possible without the businesses involved carefully managing their reputations, Starbucks current media woes over tax non-withstanding.

More information
Why did 1,701 people apply for just eight barista jobs? | Guardian

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Five things that made my day this week:

Google did a doodle honoring Nicolaus Copernicus and his heliocentric model

Amazing analogue content creation; stop-motion animation for a Japanese music video done with papercraft

I tried, and was really impressed by WeChat’s web interface. I particularly like the way it uses a QRcode to handshake with your mobile device and authorise your use of the web interface. Really slick and really fast.

I wasn’t as excited by Yahoo!’s home page redesign. On the introductory blog post Marissa Mayer linked to David Filo’s original list on a server at Stanford. Looking at this site from May 1994 reminded me of how far the web had come on since I first started using it.

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World By David Easley and Jon Kleinberg is a free read that I would recommend anyone in digital should check out.

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Netimperative | Carling ‘be the coach’ mobile case study

UK auction comes in well under target – Rethink Wireless – surprised it was as high as £2.34 billion

Google asks journalists to tone down story of “massive” Google Play security flaw

4G fails to lure customers to EE | PC Pro – not terribly surprising: poor 4G coverage, no compelling reason and pricing

Miguel Nicolelis Says the Brain is Not Computable, Bashes Kurzweil’s Singularity | MIT Technology Review

What to Do if Your Client’s Site Goes Down | ClickZ

The newest overhyped mobile industry buzzword: LTE-Advanced — GigaOM

HBO: The Weight of the Nation interesting site on obesity in the US

“Frost” Attack Unlocks Android Phones’ Data By Chilling Their Memory In A Freezer – Forbes

Who Supplies Apple? (It’s Not Just China): An Interactive Map | ChinaFile

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) Beta Introduction – iCrossing

Free Wireframe GUI Toolkit for Web and Mobile Apps | GUI Toolkits

Retro PR tactic & Gaychester

From 1993 through the late 1990s, there was a revolution going on in the UK. Back in the late 1980s, clubs had been shaken up by house music and the nascent rave culture. Factory Records Dry Bar opened in 1989 changed the nature of drinking establishments, blurring the line between clubs and pubs.

While criminal gangs were trying to muscle their way into running the doors and dealers within clubs, some of the venues became open to ran gay or gay-friendly nights. The most famous of this was Flesh at the Hacienda, that was seen to be at a head of a movement called Gaychester.

I was playing garage and house in a wine bar in Birkenhead on a Wednesday and Thursday night. To cater for the local crowd we would drop in Italian import records and handbag records that foreshadowed the trance sound that Cream later became famous for.

By the time Rupaul’s Supermodel was given a UK release in 1993, it was suddenly perfectly fine to play for a bunch of scallies out on the lash dancing like loons on a school night. I have an abiding memory of playing the Coming Out Crew’s Free, Gay and Happy to a pogoing club of people who would weren’t exactly known as the most tolerant folk.

Gay culture had become more high profile which eventually manifested itself with the Queer As Folk TV drama and the popularity of Urban Splash-style loft apartments.  There were a couple of mistakes along the way:

Flesh branched out into setting up a record label that in the end only had a couple of releases. The only one I came across was Roger – Mr Right – a remake of the Eleanore Mills track from the late 1980s. Whilst Graeme Park’s production was fine, the vocals weren’t up to scratch and the record never went anywhere.

It’s neon rainbow sleeve used to jump off the shelves at you when you went to the likes of Penny Lane Records, especially their short-lived branch in Birkenhead precinct.

What I didn’t realise until recently was that Flesh had been run by a PR agency called A Bit Ginger and that they had put out a comic strip based press release (NSFW) to promote Roger Mr Right.

More information
Graeme Park, Kath McDermott, Matt Ryan, Mike Huxham flyer The Hacienda – 29.05.1994 (Manchester District Music Archive)
‘Gaychester’: Remembering Manchester’s early 1990s gay scene | guardian.co.uk

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Facebook wins in German privacy challenge – RTÉ News

Luxury goods key to status and social power for Chinese women: Ipsos survey|WantChinaTimes.com

Surprise UK retail sales drop fuels triple-dip recession fears | guardian.co.uk – not that surprising really

Reeva Steenkamp’s corpse was in the morgue, her body was on the Sun’s front page | Marina Hyde | Comment is free | The Guardian‘If you put a picture of Caprice on page 1 – and any old stock one was fine as long as she had very little on – you could guarantee a 30,000 uplift in sales. Nell McAndrew would get you 20,000. Geri Halliwell would do 10,000’ – the scary math of media circulation

When Mayer Called Yahoo’s Mobile Revenue “Nascent,” She Wasn’t Kidding – AllThingsD

The Marketplace Fairness Act (S.336 / H.R.684) official website – the US internet now plays sales tax

Korean lawmaker who exposed Samsung corruption forced from office | The Verge – the infamous Korean x-files

Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence? – NYTimes.com – rather like the Conservatives at the start of New Labour

Microsoft’s “Scroogled” Campaign Against Gmail Wins 0.002% Of Users – Danny Sullivan’s critique of the campaign

Skype calls now equivalent to one-third of global phone traffic | Ars Technica

No Plan B for Microsoft’s mobile ambitions: CFO | Reuters

How Graph Search Works for Young People – presumably not Google for cyberbullies then

The great restructure

Since the financial crisis first broke in the UK we’ve seen the demise of a number of high street brands. The recession has been a catalyst for restructure with the retail sector.

There have been a number of factors at work:

Online retail disrupting offline business models – Brands from Blockbuster to HMV have been disrupted by the immediacy of digital media and in the case of HMV a withdrawal of catering to local needs in the bricks-and-mortar stores. Record groups like Rough Trade and independent shops show that there is a demand for media artifacts – but not a sufficiently large one to support large corporations. Other sector beyond media such as clothes and brown goods have also suffered from online competition notably DSG and Comet.

Changing demographics – from Mrs Thatcher’s we are all middle-class to a shrinking middle-class seen across the developed world. Outside of London; city central districts are changing. I have noticed the difference during my trips back to Liverpool, first we saw a consolidation of department store brands, then the disappearance of many mid-market brands.

What is also interesting is how traditional value-orientated brands like Woolworths, Ethel Austin and Littlewoods fared. Their competition was not only discount stores like Primark, but informal sellers on eBay as well. So they went under.

Now this process is being exasperated by the UK banking system woes, but this only accelerating what would have happened over a longer period otherwise.

More information
HMV to sell famous Oxford Street store | The Guardian
UK malls use Google in desperate stab at luring shoppers off the web • The Register
Blockbuster goes into administration – Brand Republic News
Surprise UK retail sales drop fuels triple-dip recession fears | guardian.co.uk
HMV and Republic: are administrators ruining the value of websites? | Econsultancy
Who’s Gone Bust in January 2013 – Centre for Retail Research, Nottingham UK

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Five things that have made my day this week:

The World Museum is a better reason than The Beatles or premier league football to visit football and I discovered their blog this week. Well worth following.

Author Robert X. Cringely is revisiting his seminal work Accidental Empires, working with the readers of his blog to create an annotated and updated version likely to be published some time in the near future. This was the book that inspired me to work in the technology sector (admittedly as an agency PR for technology companies, but it was still work). If you don’t have a copy go and buy one from Amazon.

Gutted that I am missing Transport for London’s Poster Art 150 which celebrates the best poster art commissioned for the London Underground.

I know that there have been 500 people with minor injuries, but  the Siberian meteor burst felt like I was living in a Jerry Bruckheimer film. The best observation I saw about it was in Vice magazine’s email newsletter which asked why so many drivers in Russia had managed to film the asteroid rather than keeping both hands on the wheel?

So there has been extensive character redesigns and different actors will be voicing some of the main protagonists, but I am super-excited that Production I.G are returning with another installment in the Ghost In the Shell series of anime. Arise looks amazing judging by the trailer footage now available on YouTube.

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German Economy Contracted at End of 2012 – NYTimes.com

Tim Cook’s comments on Apple Stores, illustrated | asymco

Phone-hacking inquiry: Sun’s Fabulous and northern features editors arrested | guardian.co.uk

Unruly launches social video ‘shareability’ prediction tool – Brand Republic News

Succeeding In Low-Growth Markets by The Futures Company – WPP – it it what allowed P&G to get ahead during the great depression

Facebook PMD Email Tells Advertisers: No Pay, No Play – Business Insider – so many interesting aspects to this beyond the revenue in terms of gaming partners priorities. In many respects similar to the Microsoft certified programme amongst IT people

Yahoo CEO says Microsoft search deal underperforms | Reuters – acknowledges it as just changing market share; which works for Microsoft I guess. Mayer realises she needs to shore up impressions and put better monetising ad inventory in place

AMC To Air Old Walking Dead Episodes In Black And White | WebProNews – interesting move, how about curvature in their to simulate CRT technology?

Mountain Dew Kickstart: An Alternative Breakfast Beverage – Euromonitor International – not too sure how I feel about this, but given the big food charges leveled against sugary breakfast cereals this could be a lightning rod for protestors

Prosecuting the Messenger: Chief Greek Statistician Threatened with Jail – SPIEGEL ONLINE – you couldn’t make this up

EDA ‘David’ files law suits against Moto, Nokia, others – will Tela get paid?

Twitter Raises Promoted Trend Price. Again.  – Twitter raises the price of a Promoted Trend to $200,000 per day