I like: Stüssy World Tribe Tokyo Meeting

Classic James Lebon production from 1991 with all the usual suspects including Alex ‘Baby’ Turnbull (of Ronin Records and 23Skidoo fame) and Hiroshi Fujiwara (Major Force Records and Fragment Design).

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Yoshida in NY: Sony snaps out of NIH syndrome – the interesting aspect of this is that games developers really didn’t like massively parallel systems for programming, the challenge will be how to be innovative when trying to be partner-centric

Martin Sorrell on What’s Next – Harvard Business Review

Samsung’s Heft in Android Worries Google – WSJ.com – market power could go away from Google to Samsung

Marketing, DKNY’s “theft” caught on Facebook | Market-interactive.com

Framebase • The best programmers are the quickest to Google

NPR News Apps | How to build a news app that never goes down and costs you practically nothing

Why Consumers May Be On Crash Course – consumers are clipping coupons at a rate not seen since before the 2007 recession.

Interflora SEO Penalty Analysis 2013 – Martin MacDonald

Samsung’s Ill-Conceived Apple VoiceOver Suit Stayed in Germany – AllThingsD – the ramifications for Samsung’s reputation are interesting

Bits v. Bytes: Follow the money | asymco

Mindshare – The Global Media Network – Vine, Video Sharing by Twitter

Samsung finally folding Bada OS into Tizen | The Verge – interesting move given that Tizen is a more fully-featured operating system and Bada was aimed at more downmarket phones

Apple, Samsung patent hearing ‘unprecedented’ in Australia – consolidated charges, the thing that surprises me is why they are fighting so hard over a small market like Australia?

Mozilla previews Firefox OS with four phone makers and 18 operators onboard – Computerworld – looks like taking a second run at WebOS type eco-system a la Palm

BBC News – North Sea oil investment at 30-year high, industry says

Digital Media Strategies: Dennis Publishing and New Scientist on evolving consumer publishing | TheMediaBriefing – interesting how Dennis was moving away from InDesign

New Anti-Piracy System to Hit U.S. Internet Users on Monday

Facebook’s new search struggles with the real world | The Verge

2013 Digital Future in Focus Series – comScore, Inc – they also have a series of webinars to present the data as well

I like: Chicken Cottage t-shirt

This subversion of the classic Chanel crossed-c logo by associating it with Chicken Cottage, a familar brand on the high street of neighbourhoods in south and east London.
Chicken Cottage
It reminded me of the t-shirts sported at raves that subverted brands, but for the dubstep generation.

More information
Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City By Richard Brook, Dr. Nick Dunn
CC-Tees (unfortunately sold out)

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The loss of Britain’s triple A credit rating won’t make much difference | Left Foot Forward

Study Shows iPhone 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones

“Physically Together”: Here’s the Internal YHOO No-Work-From-Home Memo | AllThingsD – I could see a post coming on from Becky McMichael about the benefits of remote working and flexible hours etc etc

The Cover Art to Watchmen No. 1 Sells for Over $150K | Wired.com

Twitter Now Reducing Some Tweets To 117 Characters

Is Excel the most dangerous piece of software in the world? – funnily enough this echoes the introduction to Robert X Cringely’s Accidental Empires

The shadow power list | The New Stateman – an interesting list of UK power brokers

I like: Canon at London Fashion Week

Canon did some nice activities at London Fashion week to highlight their brand and talk about the EOS M – which is their answer to the mirrorless cameras with interchangable lenses built around the micro four thirds standard.

The micro four thirds standard blurs the product differentiation between point-and-shoot cameras and entry-level digital SLR cameras.

Combining fashion bloggers with the passion of photography was a smart move; a nice PR campaign which I imagine involved a lot of work to achieve the high production values of the content.

More information
EOS M hands-on preview  | Digital Photography Review
Canon Celebrates the Power of Image in Fashion | Canon press room on RealWire